CRR business aims at assisting seniors


Staying in their homes

Last year, a new business was introduced on Crooked River Ranch — Assisting Seniors at Home.

After helping seniors on the Ranch, in Bend and in Redmond for the

past year, Deloris and Tom Streight recently had the opportunity to expand her venture and open an office on the Ranch.

The most recent owner of the Snack Shack, “gave me an offer I couldn't refuse,” said Streight, who is now renting the indoor seating area at what Ranch home owners and visitors know as the “Snack Shack.”

With over 40 years experience, Streight has made it her mission in life to help those 50 and over, attending to some of their most challenging needs by assisting with transportation, housekeeping, running errands, pet care, grocery shopping and even meal preparation.

Although Streight, a former certified nursing assistant since the age of 16, even before state licensing requirements were born, she does not currently offer personal care services due to the stringent licensing now and the high costs of those licenses.

Streight began her business in Portland, where she said the “business was very successful.” Then, after officially making the move to the Ranch in October 2013, she took the leap and decided to provide her services in Central Oregon.

Due to the economic differences between Central Oregon and Portland, it's been a bit of a “slow start over here,” Streight said, but with her strong desire to help seniors in need, she continues to persevere and strives to keep seniors living in their own homes as long as they can.

Since falls are one of the largest problems that take seniors out of their homes and force them to move into care facilities, she said, “If they can afford it, with my services, I can help them stay in their homes longer.”

Most seniors fall while trying to do tasks like “going to the kitchen, cleaning their homes and checking their mail,” she said. With assistance, those falls can be prevented, thus allowing them to stay in the comfortable environment of their own homes for much longer.

She strives to keep the cost to her clients low and really emphasizes the importance of the senior community remaining in their own homes as long as physically possible.

If you or someone you know is in need of a little extra help with daily living chores, call Deloris or Tom Streight at 541-699-8129.