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I'm Grateful

To the Editor,

I recently received notice that the Oregon Board Of Medical Examiners unanimously voted to take no action in regard to my infraction at Mountain View Hospital. I was reprimanded for my lapse in judgment, but the case has been dropped.

I am writing to once again thank those who supported me and wrote letters to the board. I am sure that these letters played a significant role in their decision-making process.

It was difficult to deal with an ethical charge. To be cleared of such is a tremendous relief to myself and my family. I am most grateful.

Bud Beamer M.D.


Morgan's fault

To the Editor,

Madras is not the federal government, who opposes “transparency,” or letting the public in on what they’re doing. Our local government shouldn’t be allowed to be secretive about how they are wasting taxpayer money and then making the victim of their stupidity keep quiet about the terms of the settlement they made with him, by calling it “confidential.”

I am referring to the article about Paul Jensen in the July 31 Pioneer, and the way the city’s seven-year battle with him ended, after putting him out of business. I have followed this shameful saga since 2006 and attended the two local trials. The city lost two court cases and spent $100,000 on appeals (I’m guessing), and had no insurance for their breach of contract with Jensen (breaking his lease and shutting off his sewer and water, thus putting him out of business, a successful aerial spraying business that he operated at the airport for about 30 years.)

Jensen sued for $4 million dollars and because insurance does not cover this kind of wrongdoing by the city, the secret settlement that was made had to be with taxpayer money. Now they want a “gag order,” so people won’t know how their money is being spent! Mr. Jensen deserves all the compensation that was promised and more, but this kind of secrecy is practiced only by the federal government! The city doesn’t want its citizens to know how they shut down a local business, because they are trying to attract business to this area. Do they have the right to keep secret the deals that are made with public money? How about the “Freedom of Information Act”; does anyone know how to file a claim?

All this was work of then city Administrator, Mike Morgan, who decided to break Jensen’s lease and then the City Council went along with it. Morgan has cost the city an undisclosed amount plus legal fees for this malicious behavior against a resident and business owner. This and also the $4 million dollar palace of a city hall, a monument to the egos of a group of people who have no cause to have egos, and Morgan’s name is on the wall. The city will be burdened with this debt for many years. He should be exiled from this town after piling up such huge debts, but instead he got a sizeable severance package (bonus?) before he left that job, also taxpayer money. Now I hear he’s going to show up at the air show this month.

Does anyone know Morgan’s motive for wanting to shut Jensen down? Did he have a friend who wanted that part of the airport? I am sure there are some former City Council members who know his motive, or even present ones. Mr. Jensen spent a sizeable amount of money for improvements and construction at the airport for his operation. A new tenant would have benefitted from all that. I have thought for a long time that prospective City Council members should have to pass an intelligence test. I hope the present council has more brains than they did in 2006! This kind of antibusiness behavior by the people who run this town will keep prospective businesses away for a long time!

Marie Easter


Contract Publishing

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