Cats need us


To the Editor,

It's a dog eat dog world. I think it is a wonderful thing that the new owners of our local dog shelter are doing for the abandoned, unloved dogs.

But, what about our cats? Yes, we have one woman who does her best to take in strays and drop-offs at her house, hoping to find forever homes. She is a retired vet. I was going to give her money one time and was told, “Don't, she won't buy food for the animals.” Wrong. She receives very little donations, food drop-offs, litter drop-off. She hand-feeds many tiny kittens. The money it cost her on a daily basis is never enough.

She needs your help year-round. Sometimes it is difficult taking care of my own (four) cats. Can you imagine 20 or 30 everyday? With no help, but good intentions. Doing God’s work.

Marvel Perez