Culver council thoughts

To the Editor,

We need you as citizens to come to the council meetings and voice your opinion, one person cannot do it alone. Council is passing up qualified applicants because of their personal feelings. We voted for these council members to act in the best interest of the city of Culver, not to allow personal feelings to stand in the way of good decisions for Culver.

We also need to have our reader board state the date of the council meetings and the time, at least three days prior. The reader board was purchased and given to the city of Culver from CCIG, to be used for announcements of upcoming events and meetings of the city. If CCIG has something to announce at the same time, they would use the opposite side of the reader board.

I just want the citizens of Culver to be aware that the City Council has received an application from a citizen that is very well qualified for the position on City Council. This person has served on the council before and also as mayor of Culver at one time. She has applied for other positions and because of personal feelings of some council members and advisors, I feel she had her application passed over. As a council person, she would be an asset to not only to the council, but to the community of Culver. Maybe because of her knowledge, some people at city hall feel threatened by her?

As a citizen of Culver, you need to voice your opinions, also. I hope with our new mayor, experience will play a positive part in the council’s decisions when they elect potential applicants that come before them and not personal feelings.

This letter is my opinion only.

Mary Frank


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