By now, many Jefferson County voters have cast their ballots. Many others wait till the last minute. That “last minute” is coming up next Tuesday.

We urge people to take advantage of their opportunity to vote and determine who leads our county, state, and country in the times ahead.

Unfortunately, this right to vote is treated with a bit of indifference, particularly during the primary elections or the nonpresidential years.

Some primaries fail to garner even a 50 percent voter turnout, which, of course, means that more than half of the voters in Jefferson County chose to not to get involved in determining leadership — to ignore their role in our local democracy.

Through vote-by-mail, and for better or worse, Oregon has made it as easy as possible for people to participate. Still, many refuse to vote, taking the tact of sitting back and complaining about government after candidates take office. Many others, of course, are disengaged altogether.

We urge local residents to take a proactive approach and cast their ballot, rather than show apathy during the decision-making process.

The men and women who stepped up and threw their hats into the ring to run for office — locally, statewide or nationally — commit hours and hours, invest their hearts, souls and reputations, to this important first step in our governmental process: the election. We voters can at least take a moment to fill in some voting dots and return our ballots.

Do your part. Take the time and initiative to cast your vote.

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