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Vet's event

To the Editor,

The 2014 Peaceful Spirit Veterans Outing was a huge success. It was attended by 120 veterans from five different states including five people from Phoenix, Ariz. We also had a veteran up from Shurz, Nev., as well.

The event consisted of fly fishing, fly tying, camping, salmon bake, and a lot of healing. There were also people that brought drift boats and we did an all-day float from Dry Creek to South Junction which was enjoyed by all that participated.

The positive impact that this event had on each and every person is unexplainable. There were a lot of cleansing tears shed and a lot of healing laughter and hugs as well among all the vets and people that were present. Simply cannot put into words the overall feeling of positive energy and love that was heart felt by all that attended.

I would like to personally thank each and every individual that stepped forward to donate their time and services to make this event a success. Without your help, it would not be possible. Thank you Linda Larson for the pics of the event which can be viewed at lindawarrenlarson.smumug.com/Peaceful-Spirit. Password will be KCGREEN. A big thank you to the sponsors and people that donated.

Sponsors: Bullet Rental of Madras, Safeway, Erickson’s, Warm Springs Market, Noree’s Plume, Resist-all Gutters, Warm Springs Fire Management, Warm Springs Utilities, Bend PHW Chapter.

Volunteers: Starla Green, Charles Tailfeathers, Roma Cartney, Diamond Teewee, Leslie Robinson, Sheridan Hale, Kedo Olson, Deanie Johnson and crew, Tyson, Riata and Di Green, Drummers and Dancers.

Once again, thank you.

Casey Green

Warm Springs

Great park

To the Editor,

As a frequent walker on the trails at Juniper Hills Park I want to compliment the people involved in the Little League program – children, coaches, family and friends, on how clean they leave the park. Carlos and I are “trash-picker-uppers” and sometimes we come up empty-handed.

Also we are impressed with the park maintenance people. They do a great job keeping trash cans available and emptied. There seems to be less problem with “doggie doo-doo” too. However, we still find quite a few cigarette butts. Hmmm!

What a beautiful park – let’s keep it that way.

Peggy and Carlos Kemper


Killed my cat

To the Editor,

To the person who hit and killed my cat on Northeast Cherry Lane:

I hope you are superstitious. You hit and killed my cat and left him lie in the middle of the road like something that didn't matter. He mattered to me. I had to go pick him up with the flies buzzing around him and get him off the road where he would not become just another "spot on the road."

That black cat was my friend. And I hope you have bad luck all the rest of your days.

Kim King


Contract Publishing

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