Impact 100 members include Christie Young, back left, Bonnie Grote, Buck Grote, Shari Durgan, Kayla Whitaker, front left, and ArristaBelle Duff.Jefferson County Impact 100 is a new group mobilizing with the mission to “provide assistance to those Jefferson County residents who have lost all hope and have no other way to get help.”

It is patterned after a successful organization in LaGrande, which for many years has been focused on philanthropic work in that area, and other similar groups that have sprung up around the country.

Like the one in LaGrande, Jefferson County Impact 100 is designed to have a minimal organizational structure, retaining as much autonomy as possible, with no ties or allegiance to a larger organization.

Membership requires annual dues of $100, which gives a donor/member a voice in the organization and requires no specific level of participation. Board members receive no compensation and are elected by the members.

All donations are deposited in a fund that is dispersed directly to providers of services for those in need, at the discretion of the membership/board. As the bylaws specify, the board will meet at the discretion of the board members to allocate funds to those causes deemed worthy.

The guiding principle is to fulfill a need that cannot be met by any other organization or means. Semiannual meetings of the membership give members a forum to advance their individual ideas as to the direction of the group as a whole, and to help identify those in need of assistance.

The founders and board members are: co-facilitators, Shari Durgan, Buck Grote and Christie Young; secretary, Kayla Whitaker; treasurer, Patti Lieuallen; members at large, Bonnie Grote, ArristaBelle Duff, Teri Drew, and Julie Johnson.

Interested individuals may obtain a copy of the bylaws and an application for membership from any of the board members.

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