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Lived on her own until age 95, enjoys playing cards, doing crafts at retirement center.

SUSAN MATHENY/MADRAS PIONEER - Frances Johns enjoys activities at East Cascade.Frances Johns celebrated her 101st birthday at a party last week at East Cascade Retirement Community, where she is a resident.

She was born on Oct. 3, 1916, to Maria Villavos, in Bisbee, Arizona. She had a sister, and a brother who died as an infant. Her parents had separated, and she was later adopted and raised by her aunt and uncle, Jenny and Jim Henry in Bisbee.

She and Cruz Miranda were married around 1936 in Bisbee, then moved to Safford, Arizona. They had two children, Elizabeth and Mary Jane. Around 1943 she married Steve Sullivan, and they had two children, Steve Jr. and Sandra. In 1947, she married Joe Johns and they lived in several places, before moving to Oregon in 1950.

She was a homemaker and her husbands worked on farms. Her husband Joe Johns passed away in 1973.

Johns settled and lived for 30 years in Sandy, Oregon. She loved to travel to visit her son and other relatives in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Arizona.

Jones is still very healthy and lived in her own apartment until she was 95. In 2011, she moved to live with her daughter, Elizabeth, in Boring, Oregon, until relocating to East Cascade in July 2017.

Today, she enjoys playing cards, doing crafts, visiting with friends, and watching TV – especially "Little House on the Prairie" and Westerns.

Her family includes daughters, Mary Jane Treanor, of Shaniko, Sandra Smith, of Madras, Elizabeth Treanor (the sisters married brothers), of Boring, and son, Steven Sullivan, a Vietnam veteran who passed away in 1997 at age 50; daughter-in-law, Susie Sullivan, of Tualatin; six grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren; and eight great-great-grandchildren.

Asked about the secret to their mother's long life, daughter Sandra Smith laughed, noting her mom once told a doctor her secret was, "I don't go to a doctor."

"I think she's in better health than we are. She had good genes, and came from a poor family that did hard work and couldn't afford to eat a lot of sugar," Smith added.

Daughter Elizabeth Treanor said her mom never drank, and gave up smoking 40 years ago. She attributed her longevity to the fact that, "She was really a social person. She did everything and went everywhere. Also, her family. She really doted on us kids and traveled a lot to spend a month or two with my brother."

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