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Behind the scenes with car insurance after a collision

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Darrel Baumer, DB Collision & AutoworksFor most of us, a car accident is a rare event that will only occur once every decade—if that! So it's not a surprise that most people find the process of filing a claim with their car insurance company baffling. Luckily, DB Custom deals directly with all insurance companies and files the paperwork for you. Here is how your auto repair shop and insurance company work behind the scenes to get your car repaired.

After you've notified your insurance company of the incident and filed a claim, your insurance company will assign you a claims adjuster. Medical treatment and auto repairs will begin immediately, with each company covering their own driver. Afterwards, the claims adjusters assess who is at fault and who reimburses the other for claims paid.

As we mentioned in our last column, documenting the incident thoroughly is the best way to give your insurance company a heads-up when it comes to assessing fault. Both Oregon and Washington are "fault" states, meaning that the driver who is determined to be at fault is responsible for paying for the damages. If more damage is discovered during the repair process, Darrel contacts your claims adjuster directly and keeps you updated throughout the process.

Even the smallest fender bender can be alarming, but luckily, most of the negotiations between adjusters and repair shops will take place out of your sight. At DB Custom, it's our job to make collision repair as stress-free as possible. Call 503-554-1747 if you need repairs today.