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COG approved to conduct city manager search


City government — Mid-Valley Willamette Council of Governments signs $7,000 contract to begin search process, timeline not yet set

Newberg city manager recruitment subcommittee met Nov. 6 to review a proposed contract with the Mid-Valley Willamette Council of Governments (COG). The $7,000 contract — approved and out for signatures — will allow COG to begin the search for a permanent city manager to replace Dan Danicic, who resigned last summer amid revelations that he had an affair with a subordinate.

The first step in the recruitment process is building a position profile.

“We began work on the profile and expect to finish that up on Dec. 6 at the next subcommittee meeting,” said City Recorder Norma Alley. “If the subcommittee finishes up with the profile on Dec. 6, Chair (Lesley) Woodruff will take a recommendation to the Dec. 16 council (meeting) to approve the profile.”

The subcommittee also started work on a timeline for recruitment. Alley said a draft timeline was distributed, but finalizing it has been postponed until the Dec. 6 meeting.

“Once the profile is approved an accurate timeline can be established,” she said.

A completed profile will also mean advertising can begin for the position. Until that time Alley said it is too early to direct interested candidates to learn more about the position.