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Thieves did little damage to two institutions, investigation continues

On Tuesday, two businesses woke up to discover break-ins had occurred around 2:30 a.m. For Wine Country Antiques, this was not the first.

“This is the second time in 10 days,” said shop owner Sharon Vo. “I’ve been here almost 25 years and never had anything other than a few things stolen off the porch and a few items inside.”

The Newberg Public Library suffered the same fate.

“We have never had a break in that those of us that have been here 22 and 26 years can remember,” said Library Director Leah Griffith.

Not much was stolen from either institution. Vo said the antique shop lost some holiday decorations as the thieves broke into the basement, not the main shop, where Vo stores old decorations. The first robbery netted the thieves 20 to 30 sterling silver rings and about $50 in cash.

Griffith said the library lost about $50 as well, taken from a number of locations, including from an honor candy box and from individual staff desks.

She said the library was lucky in that there was minimal damage.

“The thieves broke the front entrance window … Another window was broken upstairs, but they didn’t break it enough to get through,” she said.

For Vo, the damage was a little more extensive.

“(The back door) is a deadbolt and they broke a lot of the casing around it,” she said.

The thieves also tried the front door on both occasions. Vo said after the first break in, she replaced the glass. But with the second attempt, she’s planning on installing a security door and a security system.

“I’m just thankful they didn’t do any more damage,” she said, specifically within the shop itself.

Griffith said the library staff also consider it lucky the building didn’t sustain more damage.

“It’s the luck of the draw I think. We just happened to get targeted last night,” she said.

But Vo is more confused than anything. So much so that “perplexed” was her choice for word of the day.

“I just don’t know why. We get very little cash, most people pay with credit cards,” she said. “If they think they can get cash breaking into shops, that’s not the case.”

Capt. Jeff Kosmicki of the Newberg-Dundee Police Department said these are the only recent break-ins that appear to be connected. The investigation is ongoing, he added.

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