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Philanthropy — Rita Horton fulfills dream of owning food truck, raises money for causes she believes in one event at a time

There’s a new truck in town. It’s painted red with a single logo reading “Granny’s Table.” Operated by Rita Horton, the food truck is purely benevolent.

“I got it for my birthday,” Horton said. “I had always been wanting a concession trailer.”

So far, Granny’s Table has appeared at a harvest fundraiser for a church in Lafayette and now at C.S. Lewis Academy, where her grandson attends school.

“My grandson is a junior this year and they are doing a fundraiser for the junior/senior banquet,” she said. “So far I’m spending more money than they’re making but it’s a good experience for them and it’s just fun.”by: GARY ALLEN - Open for business -- Granny's Table is a dream come true for Rita Horton, who operates the food truck in her spare time as a fundraising tool.

During the three weeks of fundraising, they’ve accumulated about $200.

Horton sells basic concession food, right now nachos and hot dogs.

“We can’t do anything raw because you have to have three sinks and we only have one,” she said. But that’s OK with her. The truck came with other kitchen appliances, including a deep fryer and soda machine, but she took them out in the renovation process.

“I didn’t want anything to do with (those),” she said.

The truck will be at CSLA until February, and then wherever it’s needed.

“I’m available to anybody who wants to use it for fundraisers, but I’m a part of the deal, as long as it doesn’t go against my faith,” Horton said.

She said with each event, they learn a little more about the process.

“We’re learning as we go how to get things hot quicker and how to keep it cleaner,” she said.

But she doesn’t think she’d be able to do it without her husband.

“He keeps it running and hauls it for me. So he may have bought it for me, but he knew it would be a lot of work on his part,” Horton said.

She’s also gained insight into why concessions can cost so much.

“It’s because they have to charge for what they throw away as well,” she said, adding that with each week they have to get rid of extra hot dogs and chips that will spoil. “I don’t do that because I wanted to do it so it was affordable for families to come to the games, because private school is expensive and the Lord’s blessed us.”

Although she’s looking forward to continuing the food truck, Horton said the once-a-week events are probably enough.

“I have a lot of spare time and once a week is probably plenty for me, but it’s just fun,” she said. “I like the carnival atmosphere of something like this.”

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