Government — Two contracts proposed to move forward with Wynooski-Riverfront Utilities Project

At the March 17 Newberg City Council meeting, the council will consider a motion to annex four “islands” of land into the city limits, as well as two motions for utility projects.

The first motion involves four areas of land along Springbrook Road and a city-owned property on Wynooski Road. The parcels are areas of land currently unincorporated that were created when surrounding areas were annexed, creating an “island” enclosed by city limits. State law requires that these areas be annexed, in time, into the city limits. While it is not required for the property owners to consent, if the motion passes, the annexation will be put to a public vote and they can vote along with the general public.

The second and third motions would allow City Manager Pro Tem Lee Elliott to enter into construction contracts for the Wynooski-Riverfront Utilities Project.

The first contract proposed is with Nutter Corporation for $910,400. The contract would relocate the city’s water, reuse water and wastewater conveyance systems, which has become necessary because of the route of the Newberg-Dundee bypass.

The second proposed contract is with Parametrix Inc. for $160,080 and pays for relocating additional utilities and project management as requested by the Oregon Department of Transportation. This would include redesigning several water pipelines, final sewer design for the Avalon Mobile Home Park, among other tasks.

The council is also set to discuss Phase 2 of the Newberg-Dundee bypass with relation to the city’s transportation system plan. It will be discussed in informational session.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. March 17 at the Public Safety Building. For more information on any motion, view the agenda at

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