Newberg Community Yoga replaces First Street Yoga, expands offerings at its Main Street location

While the sign on the front door has changed at 215 N. Main St., anyone showing up for yoga class will still find what they're looking for at Newberg Community Yoga.

Although First Street Yoga closed late last year with the retirement of longtime owner Jane Carlsen, Dundee resident Amy Jaczko reopened the studio in January under a new business and a new name.

While it retains the location and other attributes of its predecessor, Jaczko said Newberg Community Yoga has a bigger "menu" now, with a wider range of yoga styles, several new instructors and daily classes – all to benefit a wide variety of needs and age groups.

"At different times of our lives we need different things," she said. "Younger people like to move and where older people want to take care of their joints. Athletes need classes that help balance out their muscles so that they don't get injured. People just have different preferences for how they like to do yoga."GARY ALLEN - Newberg Community Yoga opened in January under new owner Amy Jaczko after the owner of the former occupant, First Street Yoga, announced her plan to retire last year.

Jaczko said she has always had an interest in yoga, but it became a key part of her life about 10 years ago when she picked it up as a way to manage stress, primarily the stress of motherhood.

She said that a key principle of yoga is developing "mindfulness." Referring to the three words emblazoned on the outer wall of the building (effort, reflection, surrender), Jaczko explained that the idea is to stop and briefly reflect on a feeling in order to build a little bit of space for that emotion rather than carry it with you.

In her own life, she compared it to stopping to briefly suffer an insult from one her children on a stressful morning, then allowing herself to pause so she won't lash out when her younger son comes tromping down the stairs

"I think in our society, people are very achievement-oriented and so we kind of get into this rush-rush-rush mode and we kind of forget to pause," she said. "Mindfulness really is just showing up and then looking at what you do without judging it, and then letting it go."

That philosophy manifests itself in the yoga studio when one attempts a pose, reflects on it and then lets it go to move on to the next pose, which Jaczko said carries into how one physically carries his or herself as well as in work and relationships.

Physically, she said yoga can help boost strength and flexibility, keep joints healthy, improve circulation, breathing and posture as well as reduce stress.

Jaczko said she was apprenticing under Carlsen at First Street Yoga last autumn when Carlsen announced her retirement.

While Jaczko found a number of instructors to teach, she did not find someone to start a new business and eventually decided to take it upon herself, starting out in January using First Street Yoga's website.

Describing the past few months as a "whirlwind," Jaczko noted that she is still practicing yoga strategies to keep stress in check.

"I read a little bit of philosophy every day just to help myself remember to observe, let go and be in the moment and to manage stress in the way I approach life … It's been fun, though, and it's getting more fun," she said, noting with relief that the infrastructure of the business is now set.

Newberg Community Yoga now offers classes in Vinyasa, Hatha, Iyengar and Yin styles with at least one class per day. More information on classes and pricing is available at www.newbergcommunity

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