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Peralta, Primozich courting voters for commissioner spot

Election 2014 — Both candidates for the Position 1 seat have a fair amount of experience, although in entirely different venues

With less than a month until the Nov. 4 election, The Newberg Graphic will print profiles on the candidates for local and state positions each week. They will discuss candidate’s backgrounds, platforms and other relevant information. This week, Yamhill County Commission Position 1 candidates Sal Peralta and Stan Primozich were selected.


Part of Peralta’s goal is to work with community leaders to achieve each cities’ goals, so he’s been working toward hosting a town hall meeting in every city in the county.Peralta

“I’m pretty proud of that,” he said. “Economic growth, downtown transformation, just a range of issues and what I’m finding is a lot of people in city government feel the commission has not done enough in recent years to help cities.”

Rural towns especially, Peralta said, need assistance and someone with relationships in both the state and federal governments who will be able to help.

“(We need to) try and do what we can to bring more state and federal tax dollars into Yamhill County and make sure those dollars are being spent here instead of in other places,” he said.

With backgrounds in both politics and business, Peralta said he has been using his campaign to highlight challenges in the community and working with leaders to come up with solutions.

“I’ve been working with city leaders and community leaders in the West Valley, Sheridan and Willamina, to start a conversation about setting up a West Valley enterprise zone that would be intended to help stimulate investment for the purpose of expanding the local work force,” he said.

Vocational training is another issue he’s working on, his goal to increase funding for high school and earlier level training for students.

“We need to prepare those kids to take jobs in Yamhill County,” Peralta said.

Government transparency is also important to Peralta. Working with the parent company for the News-Register newspaper, he said he’s seen transparency issues with county entities not notifying the paper in a timely manner of meetings.

“I think it’s so essential to engage citizens and make sure the press has access to information,” he said.

Many of the county’s issues, he said, are due to a loss of effective leadership in recent years and a move toward partisan officials.

“It’s important the commission be moved in more of a nonpartisan direction; it seems to have gotten more partisan lately,” Peralta said. “I think having a voice in there who is really not strong on ideals but focused on good policy is something I’m committed to and part of the reason I’m running.”

For more information, visit his website at www.salperalta.com.


With 23 years on the McMinnville School Board, Primozich said he’s helped bring the district above average in almost every form of measurement.Primozich

“That didn’t happen by accident,” he said. “It takes strong people making good decisions to make that happen and I think I bring that to Yamhill County and as a commissioner I will continue to do that. I just have an excitement for giving back to my community.”

Primozich characterized himself as a Christian fiscal conservative.

“I have a strong set of values and people can count on me doing what I’m saying I’m going to do. I don’t waiver,” he said. “People who have served on the board with me can tell you I come in, I’m very open to ideas, but everything is measured to my values and making sure we are focused on whatever group that put us into that decision making process, that we are working toward an outcome representing the best interests of that group.”

He said the county seems most concerned with government overreaching into people’s lives.

“It seems like people are really looking to find a way to solve their problems without being told how to do it,” Primozich said.

Fiscal responsibility, his specialty, is also at the forefront of people’s thoughts, he said.

“We’ve been blessed with a fiscally conservative commission who have made certain we are operating in the black and that’s a critical piece to our cities,” he said. “That’s what I’ll continue to bring to the county.”

Primozich said his background in finance and community service has given him integrity that he will bring to the board.

“My entire history of my adult life has been one of being involved in giving back to the community I live in,” he said. “(This is the) next step I think in that.”

For more information, visit his website www.vote4primo.com.

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