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Move, expansion for chiropractor

New start — Team emphasizes many applications for chiropractic work, beyond just the spine

A local chiropractic practice has expanded after seven years, doubling its team of practitioners, changing its name and moving into a larger space.

Heidi Tornberg, a Newberg High School and George Fox University alum, was a chiropractic patient before she got into the profession herself. In fact, she purchased the very clinic she had frequented.GARY ALLEN - It's been a time of change for Newberg chiropractor Heidi Tornberg, who recently changed her business name from Janosek Chiropractic to Kismet Chiropractic, moved into a larger space  and added Danny MacKay as a second chiropractor at the clinic.

Tornberg’s clinic, which had been in business as Janosek Chiropractic after her former last name, has been renamed since she married and it’s now called Kismet Chiropractic.

The name is one of a few recent changes. In October Danny MacKay, who hails from Tigard, came on as a second chiropractor in the practice. Chiropractic work is in MacKay’s family and he’s continuing the tradition.

But perhaps the biggest change is the clinic’s office location. Previously working out of space on Portland Road, the practice has now moved to the Coyote building at 700 Deborah Road, Suite 270.

It has a massage room with mood lighting and tall ceilings for a relaxing ambiance. Most of all, it’s a roomier space – MacKay joked that now he doesn’t have to stand halfway out of the room to demonstrate a movement.

“We have room to grow,” Tornberg said.

While she is scaling her own time at the clinic back a little bit while raising her child, when she was pregnant she continued working full bore – even doing some adjustment work on a friend on the very day she gave birth. During pregnancy she also went in for chiropractic work herself, a service the clinic offers. That’s part of its focus on children.

In the new space Tornberg and MacKay are planning an activity room as a space for kids, so when parents are getting work done their children are occupied as well. But the kids can also be patients themselves.

Often patients are surprised to learn chiropractors work on children or that chiropractic techniques have a benefit during pregnancy. It’s a much wider field than just the spine and posture, Tornberg and MacKay explained. Their work can address sinus pressure, dietary issues, inner ear problems, jaw tension, all the way down to foot pain, as MacKay himself learned from experience before he went into chiropractic work.

Now, he shares that information with his patients.

“If it’s a bone, we can work on it,” MacKay said.

The clinic is planning an open house once they are fully moved into the new space.

For more information, call the clinic at 503-538-5433.