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Local therapist nets statewide honor

Efforts to implement communication assistance program lead to Trinity Deibert's recognition

A Newberg speech therapist was recently named the statewide home care therapist of the year.

Trinity Deibert was recognized by the Oregon Association for Home Care, which honored her work with patients through Providence Home Services in Newberg.

A colleague, Nikki Deloy, nominated Deibert for the award, citing several stories of her dedication to patients. Deloy particularly noted Deibert’s work with Augmentative Alternative Communication, a technology to assist or emulate speech.

“With the assistance of these special computer devices, Trinity is able to give the voices back to patients who are unable to communicate due to motor neuron diseases such as ALS,” Deloy wrote.

Deibert’s interest in this technology led her to design a new program to specifically help patients unable to communicate without it. That program has now been in effect for more than a year and serves the Portland metro area, Deloy wrote, adding that “the work that Trinity does has a huge impact on the patients and their families.”

Deloy highlighted some of the tangible ways this has helped people communicate.

“Patients are able to express thoughts and feelings as they go through the end of life,” she wrote. “A husband who can’t speak can say ‘I love you’ to his wife or tell a joke to his kids with his computer.”

Deibert received the award at the OAHC annual conference in April in Newport.

“Her work brings a level of quality to the lives of patients that is truly priceless,” Deloy concluded.