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Trial of student in plot to shoot up school delayed

Originally scheduled for April 13, trial for Jacob Dwight Hill pushed back to April 27

The trial of Newberg High School student Jacob Dwight Hill, 17, set to begin Wednesday in Yamhill County Juvenile Court, has been postponed until 9 a.m. April 27.

According to Yamhill County Circuit Court Judge John Collins, a motion hearing will instead be held at 9 a.m. Wednesday.

Hill has been charged with two counts of first-degree assault and one count of attempted unlawful use of a weapon after being arrested by Newberg-Dundee police March 3.

According to a probable cause affidavit prepared by the NDPD, Hill had compiled a detailed plan to obtain weapons, plant bombs in the school and carry out a mass shooting in the coming months.

The NDPD learned about a threat of violence March 3, after NHS students had shared concerns with school counselors.

Working with school officials, the NDPD determined that two students who were involved in the potential threat had violated probation. Officers took those students into custody that night, calling the threat “credible.”

Through interviews with some 30 students, teachers and counselors the police have documented an ominous series of actions by Hill that could have led to violence.

The NDPD learned from students about a journal kept by Hill that contained his plans.

At least four people besides Hill were present when the plans were recorded in the journal, the probable cause affidavit filed March 14 said.

On March 3, officers located the journal and found in it a list of “about 20 people,” a “crude handwritten but detailed map” that included a plan to “take out” the school resource officer, lock gates and isolate people in a “kill zone.”

Hill had allegedly taken “substantial steps” to obtain a gun – including attempting to access a firearm in his mother’s safe – and had made a list of supplies to carry out the plan, including guns, masks, bombs, knives, chains, locks and “lots of ammo,” the affidavit indicates.

In the journal Hill allegedly wrote about what he needed for “shooting up the school” and wrote that he wanted to “personally kill at least 100 people.” He also noted his “growing obsession with shooting up my school.”

Through interviews the NDPD determined the student planned to carry out the attack “within approximately 70 days,” and noted that he initially planned to carry out the attack on the last day of school but that he realized many students would “likely not be in school on the last day of school” so he would do it sooner.

An investigation into Hill’s alleged accomplices continues, but no other youths have been arrested.