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Relics, new and old, on First Street

New business in downtown Newberg aims to tie the room together

At Urban Relics, a “relic” isn’t defined by its age. It can be new, used or vintage, but there is one constant: no matter what it is or what its age, it may just be what someone is looking for to complete a room.

Store proprietor Kelli Reimer, of Sherwood, has a little bit of “everything under the sun” at her shop on West First Street. The odds and ends one would find there has long been a part of her life.GARY ALLEN - Vintage - Urban Relics owner Kelli Reimer has long collected items that complete a room's décor. Now she sells such items out of her business in downtown Newberg.

“Since I was small I loved collecting and decorating,” she said. “I always loved it.”

Her inventory is a mixture from furniture to clothing to assorted knickknacks, and the store is packed with items. What might be most impressive is that none of it is being sold on consignment — it’s all items Reimer has obtained from one source or another.

“I get it all over, anywhere and everywhere,” she said. “I’m always on the lookout.”

Friends who have experience in the business also keep an eye out for items. Others commonly known as “pickers” help out as well (despite its popularity, the popular TV show “American Pickers” is not necessarily representative of the average picker, Reimer said).

Reimer has been in the vintage décor business for 15 years, but this marks the first time she’s opened her own shop.

“I always wanted to do my own thing,” she said. “My store is aiming at people who love interior décor with a splash of vintage.”

Reimer likened the wares she offers to items at a store like Pottery Barn, except they’re items that aren’t for sale: it’s that extra something that complements the room.

Perhaps the best way to define the range of items for sale is simply to look at them. There are the globes from different eras; one of them doubles as an ice bucket. There are the books from the late 19th century that add a rustic flavor to the bookshelf — their contents might be of interest as well.

The store has been open for less than a month, but Reimer has made some inroads to introducing her business to Newberg — last weekend she took her wares to the George Fox University Community Fair during the school’s Welcome Weekend.

Urban Relics, located at 116 W. First St., is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. But for customers who are feeling lucky, the sign on the front door adds that the shop is open “other times by chance.”