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Diva Dogs working on return to Newberg

Food cart moves back from Aloha, fundraising campaign aims to help with costs

FILE PHOTO - Come-back -- Diva Dogs is working on opening back up as a food truck in Newberg, and a fundraising campaign has launched to assist owner Scott Santrizos in the effort.Diva Dogs is attempting a return to operating its food cart in Newberg and a fundraising effort has begun to aid in that effort.

The hot dog vendor had run a restaurant storefront space at 203 Villa Road beginning in 2013. In June the business moved out and began operating in Aloha at a new food cart pod that had its grand opening last summer.

“They went to the Aloha mall and the location just wasn’t very good: they had business but it wasn’t enough to pay the rent over there and they felt it wasn’t the right spot,” said Kristen Smith, a friend of Café Diva Dogs owner Scott Santrizos and the creator of the fundraising campaign.

Santrizos had recently opened his home to Smith and her family as they were looking for a place to stay, and she was looking to give back in some way. When she was interviewing for a job at a local business and was talking with the owners, she happened to mention the hot dog business was looking to return to Newberg.

In response, the owners offered the possibility that the cart could move onto the store’s property.

Since then, a number of challenges have come up delaying the cart’s reopening.

“We had a bunch of electrical issues trying to get power to Diva, so that was a process,” Smith explained. “Now we have power that is working, but since he’s been out for three months there’s not enough supplies.”

The business has moved its cart into the space and plans to open up in the parking lot in the future, but hopes to raise roughly $800 before then to offset the costs. The plan was initially top open by the first of the year, but there were not yet enough funds.

“Now we are reaching out, asking for your help and support to get up and running,” Smith wrote on the GoFundMe page.

To view the fundraising page, visit www.gofundme.com/yqge6c8w.