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Comment sought on proposed rate increases

Town hall asks for public feedback on committee recommendations

The Citizens Rate Review Committee will hold a town hall public hearing this week to hear feedback on proposed utility rate changes for the coming two years.

Since October the group has met every two weeks to discuss different utility fees and how they should be adjusted. After seven meetings the committee is ready to present a proposal to the public for comment before the City Council makes a final decision.

The committee is recommending an annual rate increase for the next two years of 3.5 percent for water rates, 4 percent for wastewater rates and 9 percent for storm water rates.

For an average residential water user consuming 700 cubic feet of water per month and discharging 500 cubic feet of wastewater per month, and paying the storm water charge, this would mean a residential bill of $116.83 per month for the first year and $121.76 per month for the second.

Following Thursday evening’s presentation and public comment session, the rate review committee will deliberate again Feb. 18 before holding a public hearing before the council March 7.

The CRRC will convene at 6:30 p.m. Thursday evening at the Public Safety Building, 401 E. Third St.