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Water bill renamed for accuracy

While the statement will still come in the mail each month, Newberg ratepayers will no longer pay a “water bill,” as the monthly invoice has recently been renamed to a “municipal services statement.”

“The change was simply driven to make the old ‘water’ bill more reflective of what it truly is,” Finance Director Matt Zook said. “Water is only one of six different services listed on the statement.”

Zook added that even describing the bill as a ‘utility’ bill would be inaccurate, as only three of the charges each month are related to utilities.

Besides water, wastewater and stormwater, the city charges a public safety fee, a fire equipment fee (set to be repealed July 1) and a communications officer fee.

“Thus, the municipal services statement appropriately represents the scope of services being collected on a monthly basis,” Zook said.

For more information on utility billing, visit https://www.newberg oregon.gov/finance.