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A learning environment for guns

Business — New gun shop aims to educate and familiarize new customers with firearms

For customers new to the industry, going to a gun store can be akin to the non-mechanic visiting the auto garage: the jargon and learning curve can leave rookies feeling overwhelmed.

“A lot of gun shops want people to know exactly what they want when they come in,” Nick Swecker said. “Women they often dump as fast as they can.”

Those who are unfamiliar with firearms and the gun store environment, especially women, may get turned off to the whole process.GARY ALLEN - Gun store - Rick (left) and Nick Swecker are the proprietors of a new firearms business in Newberg called One Shot Gun Shop. One of their goals is to educate new and unfamiliar clients about firearms.

This, Nick’s father, Rick Swecker, explained, is an unfortunate fact considering women have a higher potential for victimization. That’s why he and his son have opened One Shot Gun Shop out of their Newberg home.

“We want to specialize in educating and arming women,” he said. “I’m getting really tired of hearing about these realtors that are assaulted while they’re showing homes, car lot girls who go for a ride with guys and get assaulted. It’s a crock.”

A lifelong firearms enthusiast hailing from Montana himself, he knows firsthand about introducing the unfamiliar to firearms, having gotten his wife comfortable with guns after decades of marriage. Down the road the Sweckers would like to offer classes to familiarize people with firearms ownership.

“I’m hoping to get my wife comfortable enough to teach them,” Rick Swecker said. “A woman teaching other women is better than a man doing it.”

For the time being it’s a residentially located business, and it’s not alone in Newberg. According to websites listing holders of federal firearms licenses (FFL), there are about a dozen private gun sellers in town, though not all of them market their business to the public, often selling to friends and family. They can be difficult to locate if the customer is not already aware, meaning most people end up purchasing from the big stores like Fred Meyer and Bi-Mart, so the Sweckers are making strides to market their business to the public.

To operate as a firearms dealer they went through the process of obtaining a FFL, which allows them to import and sell new firearms from their home location. The process was involved, they said, with interviews and inspections to ensure the location is acceptable for gun sales.

Now that they are licensed the business is up and running, and they are exploring other services they can offer with the FFL license, including gunsmithing. But overall, the emphasis is on introducing people who are unfamiliar or uneasy with firearms to the possibility of gun ownership.

“We want to do a lot with education,” Nick Swecker said. “We want people feeling comfortable, not just to be pushing firearms.”

For more information, visit www.oneshotgunshop.com.


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