The competition for two Yamhill County commissioner seats is just getting started

Our report on the current candidates for a pair of seats on the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners reminds us that in the coming months we will be heading directly into election season. It is our guess that these three are the early risers and there will probably be more.

It is our hope that we have a large field of candidates to choose come May when selecting who we want to run our county government.

These elected positions are different than your usual state representative or city councilor. The position of county commissioner requires a greater level of understanding of how government runs, yet the position is nonpartisan and the body rarely creates laws or ordinances.

Although these jobs aren’t supposed to be political, we all know that politics take their place in these elections. Either the candidates make it part of their strategy or we the voters just can’t seem to vote any other way.

The job of county commissioner is supposed to be about management and politics can get in the way of proper budgetary decisions, yet some elected county officials in the past have been unable to separate their politics from the decisions with which they were charged by us, the electorate. That is especially difficult in a job like this because commissioners typically will be seeking re-election.

With all that in mind we are hoping more brave souls will step up, throw their hat in the ring and say, “I can do that job.” We need more than just three to choose from.

If you know of someone looking to make a career change, someone who has some people management and government experience, then encourage them to run. Hopefully, politics will not be their catalyst.

They will have to be someone willing to put themselves up to public scrutiny, but these are good jobs and well worth it. Although many candidates say they just want to serve the public, which is admirable, lets also be honest and admit the pay isn’t bad, around $70,000 per year, and the medical and retirement benefits are better than you’ll find in just about any private sector job.

If you fit the aforementioned job requirements, go ahead, give it a shot.

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