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Oct. 30 Letters to the Editor


What is a responsible man to do?

To the editor:

I’m acquainted with a young man of 20 who, at 15, committed an assault against another person his age. He was tried as an adult and spent six months repaying his debt to society. He now has a kid on the way and wants desperately to be responsible and support his family. Think anyone will give him a job? Yeah, it’s about as hard as it is for me at 65.Oct. 30 Letters to the Editor

How are these men supposed to turn their lives around if they can’t find gainful employment? Do taxpayers really want to raise another child because his dad can’t get a job?

Our creator forgave me and I certainly wasn’t perfect. Give these guys a chance.

Mark Grier, Newberg

History columns a boon to newspaper

To the editor:

As a lifelong career newspaperman, as well as an enthusiastic 21-year resident of our great city, I wanted to say how interesting I found George Edmonston’s column last week on the history of newspapers based here in Newberg.

Despite the challenges our industry has faced in recent years, I believe newspapers still have a strong role to play in the overall media mix, and they certainly have played an important role here in Newberg.

John Fortmeyer, Newberg