Unhappy with changes in health care

To the editor:

I am very dissatisfied with some of the recent choices our federal government has been making and hope that big changes can be made in the future.

My husband was a doctor, so I’m well acquainted with the medical profession. I’m not in support of the changes that have been made to our healthcare system due to Obamacare, one of which was taking $200 billion from Medicare Advantage to help fund the healthcare bill. I am against any future cuts to Medicare Advantage and want to see that funding restored to the program in the new budget. Dec. letters to the editor

My husband and I have a plan through Providence that we’re happy with, but if additional cuts are made to Medicare Advantage, that could change. Providence is a very large healthcare provider in Oregon, so I’m not really worried about losing my coverage, but that might not be true for seniors in other parts of Oregon or in states that don’t have large networks. Seniors shouldn’t have to worry about losing their doctors and having to start over.

Seniors deserve to have quality health care and our elected officials shouldn’t do anything to impact that. We need to urge Congress to protect programs that seniors have worked hard for and paid into for many years and should be able to rely on in our retirement years.

Sara Pearson, Newberg

Donate to fund to replace Christmas decorations

To the editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage my neighbors, as members of this community, to please donate to the fund for new holiday decorations.

Information regarding the replacement of Newberg’s winter holiday decorations arrived with our local water bill, included with the Mayor’s Notes. Since it appears that our old decorations are showing the wear and tear from holidays past, I think it is time we pull together as a community and donate so that we could all enjoy the warm glow of new lights, tinsel and banners this holiday season.

The holiday festivities have always included the city’s decorations and they have pleasantly signaled the arrival of our winter holidays. I am prepared to donate this year to help spread some cheer. I hope you will join me in donating.

Thank you for your time and happy holidays!

Liz Thompson, Newberg

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