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Article a boon to Dundee Community Clothes Closet

To the editor:

Thank you so much for your article on the Dundee Community Clothes Closet. Your article has been the talk of the town since it came out.

We have been doing this community service for more than a year, advertising it on Craigslist, KLOVE and by word of mouth. Over that time, our efforts have not added up to the results we have gotten from your single article.

As a Dundee City Council member hoping to be elected as a Yamhill County commissioner, it does my heart good to know that our efforts are paying off for the citizens of Yamhill County. Since your article, we have had an increase in sales, donations and volunteers. I cannot thank you enough.

David Russ, Dundee

Waste Management doing a good job at the landfill

To the editor:

I am writing because I think Waste Management is doing an excellent job running Riverbend Landfill and an admirable job trying to get along with the neighbors.

One new thing Waste Management is doing relates to the tarps. It has started a pilot project to improve the visuals, in response to an idea that came from a Riverbend neighbor.

It has removed tarps from a few of the outer slopes and planted a grass seed mix. The idea is to see if this natural and more aesthetic cover can effectively replace the plastic tarps that have been used as long-term cover.

I like the idea of replacing the shiny tarps with grassy slopes, and I credit Waste Management for listening and responding to its neighbors.

Chris Scott, McMinnville

Landfill critical to healthy, diverse economy in county

To the editor:

My family has been in this community since the 1850s, having traveled with the rest of the founding families from McMinnville, Tenn., to McMinnville, Ore.

I am proud that my family helped chart the early course for the community, and I have worked to do my part by helping grow the business community, serving seven years as a board member for the McMinnville Chamber and as president of the Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce.

I have dealt with Riverbend for many years and I value them as a local business and a true community partner. I have seen for myself how they have improved their operations over the past few years. I also know they are working to help us all recycle more and waste less.

Riverbend’s connection to local jobs is especially important. Aside from employing 20 local people, Riverbend helps support all jobs and all businesses in Yamhill County because they help all of us keep costs down. (A nearby landfill means low transportation costs for local schools, hospitals, retirement centers and businesses.) Riverbend also provides more than $1 million each year to the county to support basic community services, and they are currently investing $18 million at the Riverbend site.

When I think about the history and future of this community, I am reminded that we are people who know how to get things done when we have a common goal. If a healthy and diverse economy is a goal for our future, Riverbend should be part of our community.

Eric Wright, McMinnville

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