Editorial off the mark; CRC project a boondoggle

To the editor:

In response to the editorial in the Jan. 22 paper. The Columbia River Crossing proposal is just another government boondoggle. Now a revised version of $2.7 billion is being offered. With guaranteed lack of oversight you can count on cost overruns in the billions. That is just one of the many issues at hand.Feb. 5 letters to the editor

The editorial insults the intelligence of the citizens of this great state. The editorial mentions tolling but not how much each way — up to $10. Not only does the taxpayer foot the bill if this is pushed through, but the taxpayer gets the privilege of increased cost of goods and services. We also get to pay for the loss of commerce to the business sector that can no longer ship products due to the new bridge’s low height and no-lift options.

The editorial also insults us by suggesting that we will get so tired of lost time that we will submit to government oppression, avoid I-205 and I-84 congestion and pay the toll. There is no moratorium on the toll; it will continue to collect after bonds are paid. The funds will be robbed to pay for other pet projects and before you know it I-205 will have a toll. Conspiracy? Maybe, but not likely.

Proponents of the new bridge still want it to support light rail, a project that has never and in the foreseeable future never will run in the black. The editorial really sums up the audacity of a bad project, when it says will it be worth it: “No one will really know until the thing is built.” Nancy Pelosi said something similar: “We have to pass the bill first before we can find out what is in it.” (aka, Obamacare).

Finally the editorial pleads, we have spent $180 million on study and preparation, so instead of cutting our losses like Washington state smartly did it is suggested we spend the remaining $2.5 billion-plus and finish the job. Sounds like Cover Oregon. More than $150 million has already been wasted so let’s spend another $150 million on a project that has no chance of working.

In closing, spend a tenth of the cost and shore up the bridge and make it more earthquake resistant and stronger, like the West Linn and Oregon City bridges. Fellow citizens don’t be fooled, be sensible, let this dog sleep.

John Read, Newberg

Disappointed in Democrats reaction to Obama plans

To the editor:

I watched President Obama give his State of the Union address Jan. 28, some of which I agreed with and some I didn’t.

My biggest disappointment was the reaction of our representatives and senators on the Democratic side of the aisle when President Obama said that he would work around Congress to move the nation forward.

What I saw was jubilation and continuous applause from that side of the aisle, which to me was a joyous abdication of responsibility.

We elected these people to be our representatives. Since they are obviously more than willing to abdicate their responsibility to us, while enjoying the privileges accorded their office, I am asking all good Oregon Democrats to join me in voting them out of office this fall.

Rick Johnson, Newberg

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