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Not too often does the Newberg area have a significant snowfall, but on Feb. 6-9 the white fluffy stuff and ice managed to drop 10 inches in our midst, posing many problems as I am a dialysis patient and need treatment three times weekly. This was one of those days.

With no vehicle to go up or down our steep driveway, I called the Newberg Fire Department’s business line and said, “I have a problem.” His response was, “How can I help?”

I explained the situation and after a moment, he said, “We’ll come get you and bring you to the station.” They were thinking I might be able to get a friend to take me the rest of the way to Sherwood, which I was not able to do.April 9 guest opinion

They kept reassuring me that they’d take care of me and, sure enough, they loaded me into another vehicle that took me right to the door of the clinic in Sherwood. Other patients leaving the clinic all got a kick out of seeing me arrive in a fire vehicle.

I thought this was the end of it, but as the day wore on the snow increased and everyone was scared to try and come get me. So, the head nurse, Patty, called the NFD again and asked if they could possibly pick me up. They had just dispatched an ambulance to OHSU and said they would pick me up on the way back.

Well, when they returned they came right into the lobby with a gurney and I said, “Oh, I don’t need that,” and they said, “Oh, yes you do if you’re riding in our ambulance.” So they strapped me in and away we went, but not before the doctor commended them on their good work.

Back at the station, they loaded me into another vehicle and drove me all the way home and made sure I was safe and sound in the house.

Now, where can you get such service? Our wonderful fire department, that’s where! My hat is off to them and yours should be too. How proud we all can be.

Merrilu Majovski is a Newberg resident

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