Bicyclists must follow the rules of the road like the rest of us

To the editor:

On the morning of July 11, I was driving on Springbrook Road going east and came to the roundabout close to the fire station. As I approached the circle, a bicyclist was traveling along with me.

He continued to use the roadway instead of using the provided bicycle path, which diverts him safely around the circle and keeps him out of the way of traffic. At this point, the roadway becomes a small circle and at best is dangerous with traffic entering at five different points.July 23 letters to the editor

This bicyclist chose not to use the safer bicycle path and I used my horn to alert him of my presence. His response was to scream ‘F-YOU’ when he was obviously in the wrong. I pointed to the pathway he was supposed to use and went my way and he continued on the roadway.

These bicyclists continue to advocate sharing the road and yet willfully run through stop signs, as he had this day, travel side-by-side on narrow roads creating dangerous situations with oncoming traffic, and travel on roadways when pathways are provided, thus endangering everyone and promoting poor judgment, prejudice against bicycles and anger.

This is just an example of a situation which could cause an unnecessary and possible confrontation and which will be avoided with a little road etiquette and common sense.

I question why we spend needed tax dollars to build bicycle paths dedicated for safety when so many bicyclists ignore them. How many people actually use these pathways and how is the expense justified? It seems to me that the cost outweighs their use and there is an unwarranted high proportion to tax dollars when compared with vehicles using roads and you can be pretty confident that most bicyclists also drive cars.

Why don’t we see more ticketing of bicyclists breaking traffics laws? You know if I ran a stop sign, I would get one.

Jean Markell, Bald Peak

Newberg resident warns buyers to beware

To the editor:

Are you considering buying a mattress from Bedco and keeping the money local? You must buy the foundation to go with it or you have no warranty. When the mattress fails after only three weeks, you are told it will be repaired; replacement or money back is not an option.

There is no empathy for the injured customer, only company hard line.

Be careful.

Kathy Kelso, Newberg

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