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The Newberg Graphic's readers weigh in on the issues of the day

County counsel quashing man's free speech

To the editor:

For the past several weeks the Yamhill County counsel has raised the shield of ex parte communications to retard and suppress my free speech on all matters referring to Docket No. E-06-16. This includes reading comments made in a local newspaper by the Yamhill County director of planning and development department during the weekly commissioner's meeting on April 20. The article was printed in the Newberg Graphic on April 19.May 10 letters to the editor

County counsel asserts my testimony (to my understanding) is inappropriate as Docket No. E-06-16 issues are before the Land Use Board of Appeals and the decisions made by the aforementioned LUBA will come back before the Board of Commissioners for adjudication and only then will my testimony be allowed. I vehemently object to county counsel's unprivileged and continuous quashing of my free speech rights.

The issue is that there has never been any case filed with LUBA during the timely stated period of acceptance under LUBA rules. There was no case pending before LUBA prior to and up to today's date. The attorney for Friends of Yamhill County sent the petition to LUBA, but used the wrong mailing address and thus missed the timely filing deadline as set forth in LUBA rules.

Were Yamhill County counsel and commissioners negligent or negligent per se in the premature, unfounded and continuous quashing of my public testimony arising from a perceived LUBA case that did not or does not exist?

County officials cannot assert a particular case is in the equivalent of "LUBA limbo" as an affirmative defense for the application of the icy cold fingers of government throttling my throat from exercising my right to free speech.

I will not be directed to the back of the free speech bus by the chicanery of county officials.

David Wall, Newberg

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