History — Built in 1953, inclusion could mean multiple financial benefits for 99W Drive-In

It’s been almost three years since Brian Francis started the process to seeking listing the 99W Drive-In on the National Register of Historic Places. The wait is over.

The nomination was ap­proved Friday during a State Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation meeting.

The application will be passed along to the National Park Service for final approval. Tracy Zeller, an as­sis­tant at the National Reg­ister Program, said once sites are forwarded to them by the committee they are almost always GARY ALLEN - Historical register - After a meeting Friday, the 99W Drive-In has been approved by the State Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation for the National Historic Register of Places. The application awaits final approval by the National Park Service.

“They never turned down anything the committee has given to them,” Zeller said.

Being placed on the list has multiple benefits for the places included.

“Once listed they are eligible for grants for restoration and anything else that might need to be done,” she said. “They’re eligible for property tax breaks for 10 years, although they’re not automatic, you have to apply, but most everyone who applies gets it.”

Then there’s the recognition that comes with being listed. But Zeller said many property owners don’t opt to apply because there are some misconceptions about what being listed means for the property.

“A lot of people are under the assumption that once they’re on the national registry they can’t do what they want to their property,” she said. “That’s not true, you can, but if you change too much so the historical (value) is not there, you can be taken off the list. A lot of people are hesitant to get their property listed because of that reason.”

As for the drive-in, Francis said there’s only a few listed so far in the United States and it will be great to join them.

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