A few years ago Mark Anthony was an executive chef for the largest hospital operating system in the country. He was also at his largest, weighing at 305 pounds. As he looked around at the patients in the hospitals, he discovered one common element to most of their conditions; they were almost all there for cholesterol related problems.

He thought to himself, “I’d better do something or I’m going to end up being one of the people in this hospital.”

Anthony decided to go on a “plant strong” lifestyle, which has helped him lose 80 pounds and drop his cholesterol from 263 down to 118.

Now Anthony is coming to Newberg to share what he’s learned at a free dinner and cooking show set for 6 p.m. April 21 at Newberg Seventh-day Adventist Church.

“When we change our eating habits our bodies will start thriving on the new habits we are creating, and that makes it easy to change,” Anthony said. “Plus my simple systems will not only get you healthy physically, studies have shown that you also have better brain activity and a stronger spiritual connection.”

Anthony is a regular on 3ABN worldwide television and has done thousands of free cooking shows across the country.

His catering and professional career have earned him praise as one of the youngest executive chefs in Las Vegas at the age of 24, where he has done events in excess of 10,000 people.

He says that if the devil had a favorite poison, it would have to be cholesterol.

“Ninety percent of the death rate here in America is from lifestyle diseases, and that’s because 41 percent of our diet is in the form of animal products,” he said. “And then when you add the sugar, oil and salt, it’s a time bomb waiting to happen. Cholesterol kills more people every year than smoking.”

Anthony also notes that eating better will save time in the kitchen, because recipe preparations are easier to prepare, and also help at grocery store checkout line as many of the products and ingredients he touts are less expensive.

“Your food will taste so much better because I teach you all about flavor and how your taste buds work,” he added.

Donations will be accepted at the event and seating is limited, so arriving early is encouraged.

For more information, call Kay Heath at 503-538-2622 or visit www.ChefMarkAnthony. com for free recipes.

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