The Think Again Discussion Series at the Chehalem Cultural Center has focused on a variety of topics, but with the center hosting its annual culture study, it made sense to discuss the featured culture as well. This year, India has been selected and integrated into various platforms. For the discussion Thursday, Harsh Arora will explore the “Mysteries and Misconceptions of India,” as he’s titled the event.

“It’s just a part of our goal to educate and expose people to different cultures, especially through art,” said CCC programming coordinator Caleb Thurston. “There’s not a lot of Indian culture here in Newberg, but certainly in Portland, Beaverton and the larger metro area.”

Arora was born and raised in India and Thurston said he has a particular fascination with the culture.

“He does this frequent discussion on India and he has a couple of books about India mythology,” Thurston said. “He’s actually worked on some plays, some staging of Indian mythology and things, he has a really specific interest in literature.”

The topics discussed specifically are not set, but Arora will explore the broad topic of misconceptions.

“When I saw the word “India,’ certain images come to mind. Some may be accurate, some may be the Hollywood image of India,” Thurston said. “We’ll talk about what is India and what does it have to do with me.”

Other possible subjects include Indian history, comparing East and West India, literature, India concepts — such as yoga and karma — and current life in the country.

“He really wanted to keep it open and let people talk about what they wanted to talk about. That really is our goal of the Think Again Discussion Series,” Thurston said. “He’s really interested in the East-West divide and how eastern culture developed differently than western culture, which I think is really interesting and a fun thing to look at. We just threw out all these different topics, why not see what people want to talk about?”

The discussion is free and starts at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Cultural Center.

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