PBR results — L.J. Jenkins one of two men to ride both bulls drawn, wins the competition

When it comes to riding bulls, sometimes it’s not a matter of how well the rider does, just as long as he can hold on.

Such was the case for L.J. Jenkins, who was one of only two men to ride both of his bulls, coming away as the 2014 St. Paul PBR?champion July 1 at the St. Paul Rodeo PHIL HAWKINS - Hanging on - L.J. Jenkins scored 87 points on his first go riding Rocky of Corey & Lange/Flying Diamond on his way toward a PBR victory July 1 at the St. Paul Rodeo.

Jenkins, of Porum, Okla., garnered a combined score of 174 points on two rides to win the title.

He was joined by Roscoe Jarboe of New Plymouth, Idaho, who scored 139 points on two rides to finish second.

Jenkins opened the evening with an 87-point ride on the bull Rocky. In the short go-round, he drew the bull Blue Light Special and doubled his score with another 87.

Jenkins had never been on the bull before, but had seen him buck on television, and at rodeos in the past.

“He had the same track he had three years ago, and I guess you could say I got the pick of the litter in the short round,”?he said. “He’s pretty nice and it all worked out.”

Jenkins is currently ranked 13th in the PBR’s Built Ford Tough Series, and while the BFTS is on hiatus, he rides at the Touring Pro Division events.

Although the Touring Pro Division is a notch below the BFTS, points from the TPD count and can make a difference, Jenkins said.

“Five hundred points at the end of the year can make the difference (between) a world championship and second place,” he said.

At 26 years old, Jenkins is a seasoned veteran, having qualified for the PBR?World Finals for nine straight years.

He acknowledged that youth won’t be on his side much longer and is eager to get all he can out of the sport.

“I like coming out and being on the road, and I only have a few more years (of riding bulls), so I want to come while I can,” he said.

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