Johanna Anna Guenther

April 26, 1928 - November 15, 2013

Johanna Anna GuentherJohanna Anna Guenther passed on into eternal peace on November 15, 2013 following a long illness.

She was born on April 26, 1928 in Halle, Germany, and spent part of her youth helping out on the family farm.

In one of the last bombing raids of World War II, she was buried under the remains of a five-story brick building for two days before being found.

During the Russian occupation, she was forced to work in the fields for food stamps to keep her family from starving. After the war, she graduated from a Lutheran-based nursing school, and then worked with doctors doing research, administering anesthesia and later, was the head nurse of a children’s hospital.

She heard, through friends, that she was to be invited to be a Party member. This was deemed a high honor, and not to be turned down without repercussions. So, she made an immediate decision, said good-bye to her parents, and escaped to West Germany.

A friend of hers called on her to translate/interpret letters to a family member in the United States. The young man in Oregon did not understand German, so she wrote letters in English to him, for her friend. One thing led to another and she began to write her own letters to this handsome and kind young man. Eventually she came to Oregon to meet him and they were married.

She spent many years as a homemaker, taking care of “Frank” and their three children. She was an absolute master at any kind of canning, cooking, drying or freezing of fresh produce from their acres of gardens and fruit and nut trees. She also was an amazing seamstress and excelled at knitting and crocheting.

In 1973 she graduated, with honors, from Clackamas Community College in practical nursing, and spent many years employed in long term care. She “retired” four times, but kept going back to “help out.” She loved her work and her co- workers, and was magic with her patients.

She belonged to Zion Lutheran Church, and was an active member of the quilting group and bell choir. She also belonged to the Clackamas Mineral and Gem Society and loved working at their annual show and displaying her ocean of agates.

Other hobbies included gardening, knitting, travel, water aerobics, fishing, western novels, word search puzzles, and backyard birdwatching.

She is survived by her children; Christina Kerovecz (George), Stefanie McMannis (Guy), and Marty Guenther, as well as five grandchildren; Andy, JoAnna, David, Cody, and Travis, and eight great-grandchildren.

She is preceded in death by her husband Edward Franklin Guenther, and her beloved dog Ollie.

Services were held on November 25, 2013 at Zion Lutheran Church in Oregon City, with burial at Mountain View Cemetery.

Arrangements by Hillside Chapel.