Daisy Mae Ike Nun-Maught

December 18, 1937 - December 19, 2013-

Daisy Mae Ike     Daisy Mae Ike, born December 18, 1937, died at age of 76 on December 19, 2013 at the High Lookie Lodge in Warm Springs in the company of her family and hospice staff.

     Daisy Ike was preceded in death by her husband, Chief  Frederick Ike, Sr. and children, Deanna, Ivan and Tom, her parents mother, LaVena Towash-Dick/Hunt, father, Benjamin Dick and step-father Ernest Hunt. Her surviving children are sons; Fred Jr., Lucas, Tyrone,  James, Fred III and Nelson, and daughters; Leona, LaVena and Lena. Daisy is also survived by many grandchildren, great-great grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc.

     Daisy was a strong and accurate tribal historian and teacher for the Wasco and Columbia River peoples and leading advocate for the rights of the Warm Springs people. Daisy was a great-great granddaughter of Wasco Chief Toh-sympt who signed the Treaty of 1855 for the Middle Oregon Tribes. Therefore, she advocated for the sovereignty to live within our lands and ceded lands and the peoples abide by the tribal unwritten laws and cultural activities as guaranteed to the first peoples of these lands in the treaty and all historical documents.

Based on her advocacy for all tribal people, Daisy was recruited by the late Chief Judge Irene Wells in the 1970’s to be the first Legal Advocate for a newly developed Legal Aid Department for the Warm Springs Tribal Court system. She later worked as the first Juvenile Coordinator for the Warm Springs Tribes advocating the safety and welfare of all youth and their families to ensure tribal rights of Indian families. Daisy Ike retired in 2009 at the age of 72.

     Daisy Ike was the eldest of the Medicine Society and a longhouse leader that encouraged all her people to maintain tribal lifestyle and that our traditional teaching be passed on to the generations to come. Daisy will be remembered for her colorful and controversial approach to her manner of teaching.

     Grandson, Jode Goudy officiated the overnight services with burial taking place on Friday, December 20, 2013. Warm Springs Police were the pall bearers who carried her to her resting place near the Chief Toh-sympt. (Lt. Dennis White, Officer Casey Locke, Detective Sam Williams, Sgt. Lonny McOwen, Officer Mike Derken, BIA Officer Carmen Smith and Detective Gary Samuels, Officer John Webb.)

     Honorary Pall Bearers were Medicine Society Singers, Public Safety Branch, Warm Springs Tribal Court Judges, All Veterans, VFW Ladies Auxiliary, DMJ Automotive and Johnson Family, Joe Myers/President of the National Indian Justice Center. The speakers were the honorable Anita Jackson, former Chief Judge and Public Safety General Manager; and Honorable Carmen Smith, BIA Special Officer and former Chief of Police, and letter submitted by Honorable Joe Myers, President of the National Indian Justice Center.