Rodney Carle Marshall

August 3, 1956 - July 14, 2014-

Rodney MarshallIt is with great sadness and sorrow, we have had to say good bye to our father, grandfather, husband and friend, Rod Marshall. From the beginning of Rod’s relationship with Christ, he was a man that walked with Jesus in every breath and in every way of his life. Rod lived to serve others and left this world doing exactly what he loved. After having two heart attacks, Rod was never afraid to die “I know where I am going and I can’t wait to meet everyone in heaven!” Rod was a man that would unselfishly give to anyone that needed help, even if it meant that Rod would be doing without. If you had any need, you didn’t have to ask, Rod would always say, “how can I be of help.” Rod was a pastor by trade, but a true farm boy inside. He frequently told stories of working farms near Madras, Oregon for most of his adolescence and during his summers from college. He continued his love of farming by assisting in Cloverland, and will be greatly missed. Many were surprised to walk in the door of the Living Heritage Church in Clarkston, Wash. and see the pastor wearing cowboy boots and jeans. That was Rod. Rod had a very quick-witted sense of humor in everything he did and said. His genius IQ would sometimes leave other’s ‘not getting the joke’, which seemed to tickle Rod.

Rod was a 1974 graduate of Madras High School OR; a 1979 graduate of Seattle Pacific University with a BA in Political Science, Business Administration and Philosophy. Rod graduated in 1988 from Fuller Theological Seminary with a Masters Degree in Christian Ministry. Rod began his ministry career as the Administrative Pastor of First Free Methodist Church in Seattle, WA. His next adventure was as the assistant superintendent for the Pacific Northwest Conference, which took him to many different churches throughout the Northwest and Canada. Rod was the Senior Pastor at Yakima Free Methodist Church; Pastor at

Opportunity Christian Fellowship in Spokane Valley, and from 2001 to present, the Pastor for the Living Heritage Church in Clarkston, WA.

Before coming to the Lewiston/Clarkston valley, Rod volunteered in many aspects, coaching his children’s sports teams, mentoring friends of his children; and even allowing some young adults to live with his family for months so they could get back on their feet. Since coming to Cloverland, Rod became a member of the Twin River Back Country Horseman; the Lewis-Clark Saddle Club - being the treasurer for many years; was on the Asotin County Fair and Rodeo Board also as treasurer; and was on the Asotin County EMS Board at the time of his death.

Rod’s greatest joy in life was his children and grandchildren. He had special names for each of them.

His oldest Matthew Carle Marshall (“Partner”), 30, has been in the United States Army for 10 years and is currently stationed at Joint Base Lewis McChord. Rod passed to Matthew the love of the outdoors. The two of them were inseparable during hunting season. Matthew loved his nickname and the two of them truly loved to do everything together. Matthew and his wife Jessica have three daughters; Athena, Autumn, and Aspen who brought immense joy to Rod. Athena and Autumn would frequently spend summers with their grandfather riding horses and helping around his rural home.

Kimberly Ruth Marshall (“Princess”), 27, is Rod’s second child and mother of Charles, Rods first born grandson. Rod was very proud of his daughter and her success as the manager of a veterinary clinic in Spokane. Rod and Kimberly had a very special bond. From a very young age, Kimberly would accompany Rod to weddings due to their mutual love of the festivities. They would also hunt for arrowheads and Native American artifacts, a passion passed to Rod by his father Wendall Marshall.

Rod now has the opportunity to get to know his middle child Nicole Anne Marshall. Nicole passed away shortly after birth

due to heart abnormalities while Rod was a pastor in Seattle. This was an exceptionally painful time in Rod’s life and we can all rejoice that he has the opportunity to spend all of eternity with Nicole.

Jonathan Robert Marshall (“Bubba”), 23, was born shortly after Rod planted Timberlake Free Methodist Church in Redmond, WA. Rod loved to converse with Jon. They used to have long intellectual/theoretical debates about any subject that you could imagine. Jon was always Rod’s fisherman. The two of them would spend hours fishing and attempting to solve the world’s problems.

Rods youngest, Lindsey Anne Marshall (“Angel”), 20, currently resides in Renton, WA. She was always the “baby.” These two used to love going to the Blue Mountains. They would ride horses, watch wildlife, or just sit and talk with breathtaking views over Cloverland. Rod was very proud of his children and always spoke of his admiration for Lindsey’s humanitarian work in African orphanages.

Rod also leaves behind his wife, Judy. They were married on December 2, 2006. They were introduced by a mutual friend, late Pinki Stanaway. Judy was a true blessing to Rod and a perfect match for both him and his children. Rod and Judy enjoyed spending time together and had a mutual calling to helping others. Judy was Rod’s rock and made him a better man, father, and pastor. Rod felt fortunate to have the opportunity to have a relationship with Judy’s son Taylor, wife Megan, and their daughter Olivia.

Survivors also include his mother Harriet Hawkins, brothers Wayne Marshall, Gary and Marlene Marshall and sister, Lisa Marshall; numerous nieces and nephews, his horse Shorty and his best dog Zip. Rod was preceded in death by his father Wendell Marshall and daughter Nicole.

Services for Rod will be held on August 3rd at 2 p.m at the Life Center Foursquare Church at 2377 Appleside Blvd., Clarkston, WA. Memorial donations may be made to Living Heritage Church, 2534 Appleside Blvd, Clarkston, WA.

Happy trails my friend, until we meet again.