NW housing market still hot hot hot

NW housing market still hot hot hot

The national housing market rocketed to the fastest, most competitive its been since 2009, with...

Willamette National Cemetery earns a place in history

Willamette National Cemetery earns a place in history

Portland’s Willamette National Cemetery, the first national cemetery in the Northwest, has...

PPS board lays out criteria for interim superintendent - with one dissenter

PPS board lays out criteria for interim superintendent - with one dissenter

Board member Mike Rosen says key components are missing The Portland Public Schools’ Board...

Lake Oswego School District may shift bond measure to May

Lake Oswego School District may shift bond measure to May

School board worries that crowded November ballot and a time crunch could put proposal at risk...

Tell us about your favorite places to eat in Portland

Tell us about your favorite places to eat in Portland

We are crowd-sourcing our annual Portland Tribune dining guide, Entree 2016, and would love to...

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Brought to you by Griffin Hampson - Cartridge-Network - PRINTER, INK & TONER INSIDER -

CARTRIDGE-NETWORK - Griffin HampsonDo “bargain” (cheap) printers save you money? Rarely. Consumers and businesses are sold printers and buy on price, without understanding a printer’s actual cost-per-page (CPP).

Office supply stores, warehouse clubs (limited selection / knowledge) and general merchandise big chain stores (limited selection / knowledge), have printers “on special” for $60 or $70 with $40, $50+ in savings from “regular pricing”. Buyer beware. The least expensive printers have higher CPP. You’ll spend more money for cartridges with a high CPP.

Fully costed CPP costs range as follows: inkjet from $0.05 - $0.30+, black laser from $0.01 to $0.05, color laser from $0.06 to $0.25.

Spending $30 or $40 more on a better inkjet model, or $100 for a laser printer now, saves hundreds (or thousands) of dollars over time, because CPP costs are significantly lower. There are several superior performing and low CPP inkjet printers currently available for about $100. Why save $40 or $50 for an inferior printer?

And remember if you’re interested in factory remanufactured or compatible cartridges, buying the newest printer, which replaced a virtually identical model, means only OEM cartridges are available for a year or more, so you can’t reduce further your CPP for quite a while, with aftermarket cartridges.

How we approach customers’ printer purchases: know your “needs” vs. “wants”. Color vs. black only?, copy & scan?, wireless?, duplexing? Routine volumes (measured by reams of paper), user(s) environment. Call or stop by our store to learn how to get the most value for your money.


6800 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Portland, OR 97225

(503) 246-0665


Brought to you by Stan Robinson and Brian Jarvis - Pacific West Roofing - ROOFING INSIDER -

PACIFIC WEST ROOFING - Stan RobinsonSummer is a popular time to replace your home’s roof. If a metal roof is on your list of roofing options, consider these pros and cons.

Pros of metal roofing:

Metal roofing is durable. A metal roof should last as long as your house, and will survive windstorms, snow and rain water. It’s also resistant to mildew, fire, insect infestation and rot.

Most metal roofs are noncombustible, earning them a Class A fire rating. Though warranties, many companies guarantee their metal roofing product to last between 20 and 50 years.

It’s lightweight. Metal roofing runs from 1 to 1.5 pounds per sq. ft. compared to 7.5 to 10 pounds per sq. ft. for concrete tile. Metal roofing may be applied directly on top of existing roof materials on battens.

Disadvantages of metal roofing:

PACIFIC WEST ROOFING - Brian JarvisIt’s expensive. The cost of a metal roof ranges between $150 and $600 per 100 square feet; but you save on maintenance expenses in the future.

Accessibility. It can be difficult to walk on a metal roof in wet weather and when moss or algae have grown on it. And, cleaning off storm debris can be challenging.

Before you decide on the type of roof for your house, be sure you consider your home’s style and the area you live in.

Pacific West Roofing

9360 SW Tualatin-Sherwood Rd, Tualatin, OR 97062

(503) 850-0680


CCB# 169414

Brought to you by Jan Nielsen - Nielsen's Jewelers - JEWELRY INSIDER -

NIELSEN'S JEWELERS - Jan NielsenWhile savoring a glass of wine at one of my favorite Portland restaurants, I overheard this conversation:

"Oh, is that a new necklace? I love it!"

"Yes, Bill gave it to me for our anniversary. Ten years, can you believe that? He said he wanted me to know that he couldn't imagine being married to anyone else."

Attention, all men out there! Women love it when you give them jewelry.

There’s just nothing like your significant other selecting something with only you in mind. Giving jewelry for a special day or event transforms the piece from a thing to a story.

Women especially love telling the story of how their husband or boyfriend gave them that special piece of jewelry.

And, what’s more: Getting her a piece she really likes. That’s why we keep 'Wish Lists' for our customers. Men love shopping here; yet, they are sometimes clueless on what to buy. But when we know their wife, we point them in the right direction.

And, ladies, make sure we get to know you and you create those wish lists for us! That way, when men come into our store, we can give them hints and point them in the right direction. Men want that special gift they select to be loved and worn.

And, for the story to be told.

Nielsen’s Jewelers

825 NE Multnomah St # 280, Portland, OR 97232

(503) 234-1614


Brought to you by Ken Mitchell-Phillips - The Law Offices of Ken Mitchell-Phillips - LEGAL INSIDER -

THE LAW OFFICES OF KEN MITCHELL-PHILLIPS - Ken Mitchell-PhillipsWhether you’re looking to raise capital, limit your personal liability or create a business that stands the test of time, there’s no better choice than filing articles of incorporation to form a corporation. Here are five steps to address first.

Appoint directors. Every corporation needs a board of directors to be considered legally valid, and their names should be included on the incorporation documents. Your board will have enormous influence over the future of your company, so choose wisely.

Issue stock. Every corporation must have shareholders. This means authorized (but unsold) stock must be listed in the articles of incorporation, and a formal resolution must be passed approving their sale.

Register an EIN. A Employer Identification Number (EIN) is like your business’s social security number. You’ll need it to file taxes, open a corporate bank account and (most importantly) get paid. The IRS makes it easy to obtain an EIN on their website.

Craft a shareholders’ agreement. Though not technically required, a shareholders’ agreement prevents co-founders from suddenly selling their shares to an outside interest, while also establishing contingencies if a founder loses control of their stock due to divorce or bankruptcy.

Hire a corporate lawyer. You need an experienced business attorney to draft your articles of incorporation. They will ensure your business is protected and ready to succeed.

Ken Mitchell-Phillips has decades of experience working with large Fortune 500 companies and small and medium-sized corporations. Call today!

The Law Offices of Ken Mitchell-Phillips, P.C.

1217 NE Burnside Rd, Suite 801, Gresham, OR 97080



Brought to you by Shelley Kuhnhausen Howard - Kuhnhausen's Furniture Showcase - FURNITURE INSIDER -

KUHNHAUSEN'S FURNITURE SHOWCASE - Shelley Kuhnhausen HowardWho says a space-saving storage bed has to put function before style?

That’s certainly not the case with Whittier Woods’ Mantel Storage Bed—available now at Kuhnhausen’s Furniture Showcase!

What I like about the Mantel bed is how it blends “antique” design principles with modern aesthetics, producing a truly original piece of art.

Built out of American alder hardwoods, the raised panels and imposing wood finish are straight out of the 18th century. But because this is a Whittier product, the elegant design doesn’t impede 21st century functionality. The WHITTIER WOOD - The McKenzie Collection presents an atmosphere of style and elegance.McKenzie Mantel Bed comes with six capacious drawers, each with ball bearing drawer slides. The use of strong, square lines and lack of overt ornamentation on the wood panels make the McKenzie collection indubitably modern, without sacrificing that heirloom style.

Whittier Wood uses English dovetail drawer construction as well as mortise and tenon joinery for added strength and stability. The McKenzie collection is available in glazed antique cherry and caffè finish.

And for the nature lovers out there, you can rest easy knowing that Whittier Wood products are certified by the international Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

So what are you waiting for? Stop and shop at Kuhnhausen’s Furniture Showcase today!

Kuhnhausen’s Furniture Showcase

2640 East Burnside, Portland, Oregon 97214

(503) 234-6638


Brought to you by Adam East - Alberta Rose Theatre - LIVE SHOWS INSIDER -

ALBERTA ROSE THEATRE - Adam EastStart your summer with a Dolly Parton tribute night and a contemporary high-octane Mexican fiddling band at the Alberta Rose Theatre.

June 25

Local musicians will belt out favorites from country music legend Dolly Parton during the evening’s Dolly Parton Hoot Night. Performers include: Lenore, Gerle Haggard Band, The Dolly Partners, Ashleigh Flynn, April Brown, Karyn Ann, Rocky Butte Wranglers, Malachi Graham. 8 p.m.

June 26

Portland-based singer-songwriter Edna Vazquez brings her fusion of Mexican traditions with modern sounds, sharing the evening with the Villalobos Brothers, a contemporary high-octane Mexican fiddling band. 7:30 p.m.

July 8

Stomp along with Austin-based high-energy bluegrass quintet Whiskey Shivers. Bohemian country music songwriter, Amanda Richards, and Dead Remedy's Aaron Baca will also perform this evening. 8 p.m.

July 10

A screening of the film Malheur: Seasons of Change includes a live performance by Skip vonKuske, who scored the film’s soundtrack. The evening highlights the release of the enhanced DVD and Live Soundtrack CD of the film. 7 p.m.

July 11

Storytelling singer-songwriter Slaid Cleaves returns to Portland to share his thought-provoking American folk music this evening. 8 p.m.

July 12

With her eclectic sound that draws from classical, folk, pop, jazz, and Americana music, pianist and singer-songwriter Vienna Teng is sure to entertain you. Justin Klump joins her for this performance. 8 p.m.

Alberta Rose Theatre

3000 NE Alberta St, Portland OR 97211

(503) 719-6055


Brought to you by David Anchel - Elmer's Flag & Banner, Kites Too! - FLAG, BANNER, KITE INSIDER -

ELMER'S FLAG & BANNER, KITES TOO! - David AnchelIf you’ve ever seen a U.S. soldier in full uniform, you may have wondered why the flag patch on their right shoulder is affixed “backwards.”

In other words, why is the star field on the right-hand corner of the flag, rather than the left?

The answer has everything to do with the rectangular subset of the American flag that has 50 white stars and blue backing. It’s typically called the “union” or canton.

According to the flag code, when worn on either the left or right shoulder, the American flag patch should face forward (to the observer’s right). Per the Department of Defense, this “gives the effect of the flag flying in the breeze as the wearer moves forward.”

If that still doesn’t make sense, imagine a normal standard bearer marching forward while carrying the American flag. The star field would come first, followed by the red and white bars. Anything else would look absurd.

Bonus flag trivia: Can tearing an American flag ever be done respectfully? Consider the story of Robert E. Peary, the first person to reach the geographic North Pole. Like any good explorer, Peary planted a U.S. flag there.

But Peary actually made several attempts to reach the North Pole, and tore off scraps of the flag at each of his successive “farthest norths.” Thus, we remember Peary as the only man in history to be honored for ripping up an American flag.

Elmer’s Flag & Banner, Kites Too!

1332 NE Broadway Portland, OR 97232

(503) 282-1214


Brought to you by Dr. Ryan A. Gorger, O.D. - The Portland Clinic - MEDICAL INSIDER -

THE PORTLAND CLINIC  - Dr. Ryan A. Gorger, O.D.During this time of year, we often get out and about more frequently with the wonderful summer weather. With just a little fore "sight" and preparation, you can reduce the potential of harming your eyes.

Wearing protective eyewear. With the Fourth of July coming up, it is just as important to protect your eyes from fireworks! I routinely see eye injuries from fireworks that can have potentially sight-threatening complications. Be sure to follow the firework manufacturer's recommendations and wear safety eyewear when igniting any fireworks. If you are unsure of the proper safety eyewear for the activity, ask your eye doctor for recommendations.

Sun protection. Just as you would protect your skin from the damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun that can cause a sunburn, you should protect your eyes as well. It is important to wear sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent of both UV-A and UV-B light rays. This will help protect you from getting a sunburn on your eyes. It can also help to prevent early development of cataracts and macular degeneration.

Annual eye exams. Having a yearly eye exam is the best way to make sure your vision and eye health is doing well. There are many eye diseases that do not necessarily have any symptoms until permanent damage is done. Early identification and intervention is the key to managing any disease and this is just as true with our eyes.

The Portland Clinic

800 SW 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97205

(503) 223-3113


Brought to you by Marshall Smith - Parr Lumber - BUILDING MATERIALS INSIDER -

PARR LUMBER - Marshall SmithWith Father’s Day this weekend, now is the time to get the dad in your life something he will love and that will bring the family together all year round.

A new Traeger or Green Mountain barbeque grill from Parr Lumber is the perfect gift for every father.

Traeger and Green Mountain are renowned for their exceptional quality and superb food. These grills are great for cooking everything from the perfect hamburger to the best Thanksgiving turkey you’ve ever had.

With a Traeger grill, you have the freedom to cook up healthy and delicious wood-fired food every day of the week. You can smoke, bake, grill, roast, braise and barbeque almost anything on a Traeger. A Traeger grill transforms simple recipes into memorable meals.

If you want the option to control grilling time and monitor temperatures from your smart phone, Green Mountain offers Wi-Fi grills. Parr Lumber features several Green Mountain and Traeger grills for every budget.

Stop in today and speak with one of our experts to get a gift that will inspire the entire family. You can also go to parr.com to see the latest products and a schedule of the many customer appreciation barbeque cookouts that Parr Lumber will be hosting this summer.

Parr Lumber

We have 10 locations in the Portland area.

Visit our website to find one near you.



Brought to you by Dr. Michael Davis - Northwest Women's Clinic - WOMEN'S HEALTH INSIDER -

NORTHWEST WOMEN'S CLINIC - Dr. Michael DavisA popular method of pain control for labor is an epidural. This method is always elective, and not for everyone. However, in our patient population, just over 90 percent of our patients will have an epidural during labor.

Preparing for an epidural involves an interview with an anesthesia professional: either an anesthesiologist or a certified nurse anesthetist. The interview will include a review of your personal health information, the risks and benefits of the procedure, alternatives and answer your questions about the procedure.

Your anesthesia provider will give you an injection of lidocaine in the skin of the back. While this feels like a bee sting at first, the rest of the procedure is relatively pain free. Most patients get a button to control extra doses of the medicine as needed during labor.

The overall goal of the epidural is to differentially numb the type of nerves that carry temperature and pain messages to the brain. Ideally, the nerves that carry light touch, position and movement messages are NOT affected, or affected minimally.

Because the type of medication that is used is placed in a tiny space around the spinal column, there is very little absorption of the medication into the systemic circulation, and therefore the baby. As a result, the epidural can be used from active labor through the delivery and any needed repair after delivery.

Look for the next article: Surprising facts about epidurals.

Northwest Women’s Clinic

11750 SW Barnes Road, Suite 300

2222 NW Lovejoy St., Suite 619

(503) 416-9922


Brought to you by Jennifer Cook-Buman - Living Right Senior Placement - SENIOR PLACEMENT INSIDER -

LIVING RIGHT SENIOR PLACEMENT - Jennifer Cook-BumanThey may be worth every penny, but the cost of a senior living community can quickly add up. Thankfully, two government programs are designed to provide health and medical services to all citizens, regardless of income level.

Read on for the key differences between Medicare and Medicaid.


Similar to private health insurance, Medicare is great for reducing or eliminating the cost of certain prescription medications, doctor appointments and hospitalizations. After hospitalization, Medicare will usually pay for a skilled nursing for the purpose of rehabilitation, and often physical and/or occupational therapy and home health nurses to visit you at home, but only for a limited time.

Unfortunately, Medicare is intended only for short-term care, and generally does not pay for extended periods of treatment, including independent, assisted living, adult care homes or memory care communities.


Unlike Medicare, Medicaid can and regularly does pay for long-term senior living care, though certain requirements apply. In general, Medicaid recipients must show that they are low income, facing medical expenses that exceed their income and that they have already spent their virtually all of their savings and assets. There is a five year “look-back” period to prevent people from gifting all of their money away to be able to qualify for Medicaid.

At this point, Medicaid benefits can pay for long-term care, as well as alternatives like in-home care or assisted living. Not every senior community has a contract with Medicaid, so it’s important to know what your financial situation is, as well as if the community has the contract, if you anticipate the need.

Want more information? Placement professional Jennifer Cook-Buman can help anyone hack through the red tape and discover their new home. Contact Living Right Senior Placement today for a free consultation.

Living Right Senior Placement

P.O. Box 534, West Linn, Oregon 97068

(503) 780-7353


Brought to you by Griffin Hampson - Cartridge-Network - PRINTER, INK & TONER INSIDER -

CARTRIDGE-NETWORK - Griffin HampsonAny inkjet printer with four or more “tank” ink cartridges has a separate printhead. Cartridges lock into the printer’s carriage feeding ink to the printhead.

This differs from the two-cartridge system; a black and a tri-color cartridge, where the printhead is a physical component of each cartridge.

Guess what? Tank-style printheads clog up. Lots of use, little use or general use. They clog up.

So, all Brother, Epson, Canon and HP printers with four or more cartridges have a printhead which needs to be cleaned periodically.

At Cartridge Network’s store we ask customers purchasing tank-style cartridges if they clean their printer’s printheads. Maybe 15 percent say they do. Ten percent know about it but don’t and 75 percent look at us as if we’re nuts.

We go over a handout with short instructions for each type of printer and give it to them. Come in or call us for a copy.

One can clean the printhead directly from the printer or from one’s computer. A test page is the first step indicating if all the nozzles are printing correctly or clogged. If clogged, do a “deep clean.” If they are severely clogged, you may have to repeat the process many times.

If they become too clogged you will be looking for a new printer. Really? We recycle several printers daily which are old or have clogged printheads. We probably have a good new printer waiting for you.

Why do we go to these lengths explaining printhead clearing? Because so many people come in with print quality samples or their actual printers. Most are astonished by the process. So easy. Once they’re aware and clean periodically, everyone’s life is easier.

Yes, you will use a little ink, but doing so sure beats having a poor print when you are actually trying to print something.

As a full-service independent, non-franchise operation located in Raleigh Hills, on the Portland – Beaverton border, Cartridge Network sells and services printers and copiers. “We stock several dozen different printer models (inkjet and laser) and copiers too. We focus on a buyer’s needs and then explore alternatives to best meet their needs.” We stock several thousand different cartridges. Shipping is free.


6800 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Portland, OR 97225

(503) 246-0665


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What should be the PPS board's top priority for a new superintendent?

Passing a construction bond
Balancing historical racial inequity
Collaborating with teachers
Demanding transparency and openness
Working with the public

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TRIBUNE PHOTO: KEVIN HARDEN - Portland's average home prices have shot up to more than $400,000, according to new RMLS figures.
July 14, 2016

Average Portland home price hits record $412,000

by Jim Redden
The average sales price of a home in the Portland region hit a new record high of $412,000 in June, up 2.4 percent from the previous month and 11.5 percent from a year ago. The jump happened despite an increase in homes for sale in June. The 4,501…
PARIS ACHEN - Bud Pierce appears alone Friday, July 22, 2016, at the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association gubernatorial debate in Silverton. Gov. Kate Brown declined to participate in any debates until September.
July 23, 2016

Pierce relying on GOP donors to fund gubernatorial campaign

by Paris Achen/Capital Bureau
Salem oncologist contributed nearly $1.4 million to his own campaign for governor SILVERTON — GOP gubernatorial nominee Bud Pierce said Friday that he is unlikely to invest any more of his own money in his campaign for governor. “I think my…
BUREAU OF ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES - The City Council will be asked to use this empty warehouse on the former Terminal 1 site as a homeless shelter.
July 22, 2016

Saltzman: Use Terminal 1 warehouse for a homeless shelter

by Jim Redden
UPDATE: Mayor supports the idea, despite opposition from Fish Commissioner Dan Saltzman will ask the City Council in early August to temporarily allow the empty warehouse on the city-owned Terminal 1 site in Northwest Portland to house hundreds of…

PMG FILE PHOTO - Former Scappoose Police Chief Douglas Greisen was awarded $4.1 million in federal court Thursday. Greisen filed a lawsuit against his former supervisor, former City Manager Jon Hanken, alleging retaliation.
July 22, 2016

Federal jury awards former Scappoose police chief $4.1 million

by Darryl Swan
Jury found former City Manager Jon Hanken retaliated against former Chief Douglas Greisen after concerns voiced about budgeting, city finances A federal jury on Thursday awarded a former Scappoose police chief $4.1 million in damages in response to…
July 22, 2016

Grants would benefit Portland train movements, auto exports

by Peter Wong
I-405 overcrossing also on list pending before state commission. Train movements through Portland will be eased and auto exports from Portland will be boosted by millions in pending state grants earmarked for transportation projects other than…
TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO - Tom Walsh, pictured here in 2003, will lead Portland Public Schools' bond advisory committee.
July 22, 2016

PPS bond committee decides top campaign donor is suited to advisory role

by Shasta Kearns Moore
Tom Walsh, one of the biggest contributors to board vice-chair Amy Kohnstamm’s election campaign, will play a key role in the planning for a proposed $750 million bond for Portland Public Schools. Walsh made three cash contributions to Kohnstamm’s…
EO MEDIA GROUP - Linn County Circuit Court Judge Daniel Murphy has denied a request by several non-profit organizations to intervene in the lawsuit filed on behalf of 15 counties that seeks $1.4 billion from the State of Oregon for allegedly insufficient timber harvests from state forests.
July 19, 2016

Environmentalists shut out of Oregon forest litigation

by Mateusz Perkowski/ Capital Bureau
Environmental and fishing groups will be shut out from high-stakes litigation over Oregon’s forest management policies, according to a judge’s order. Linn County Circuit Court Judge Daniel Murphy has denied a request by several non-profit…
July 19, 2016

Time runs out for Oregon timber ballot initiatives

by Mateusz Perkowski/Capital Bureau
Three ballot initiatives that would have restricted clear-cutting and aerial spraying in Oregon have failed to qualify for the November general election. One of the petitions, which would have imposed new limits on aerial pesticide applications, was…
FILE PHOTO - The deposit Oregonians will receive from returning used bottles and cans is going up to 10 cents per container starting in April, 2017 the OLCC announced this week.
July 22, 2016

Oregon bottle deposit to rise to 10 cents starting Spring 2017

by Geoff Pursinger
The refund Oregonians will get from returning used soda cans and water bottles is about to go up. This week the Oregon Liquor Control Commission announced that it was doubling the redemption value of the Oregon Bottle Bill. To read the full version…
July 22, 2016

School Notes: Low-income PCC students to get $1.3 M in services; Students take on the world in…

by Shasta Kearns Moore
School Notes is a collection of education news around Portland. E-mail tips to shasta@portlandtribune.com. State gives PCC $1.3 million for wrap-around services Portland Community College will be able to give more help to low-income,…
COURTESY: PCC - Mark Mitsui
July 21, 2016

Mark Mitsui selected as new PCC president

by Shasta Kearns Moore
The Board of Directors for Portland Community College has selected Mark Mitsui as its next president. “The board of directors was tremendously impressed by President Mitsui’s passion for the transformative power of community colleges, and by his…
OUTLOOK FILE PHOTO - Damascus voted to disband in the May 2016 electon.
July 21, 2016

Development looming in Damascus

by Elize Manoukian
Since the residents of Damascus voted in the May primary election to disincorporate their city, questions have been raised regarding the future of housing development in the vicinity. As the city fades to black on July 17, Metro's regional planner…
COURTESY PHOTO: MICHAEL DURHAM/THE OREGON ZOO - Conrad, a 31-year-old polar bear, was euthanized Thursday, July 21, after zoo veterinarians determined that his cancer had advanced and he would not be able to recover.
July 21, 2016

Zoo's oldest male polar bear euthanized

by Pamplin Media Group
The Oregon Zoo said Thursday, July 21, that Conrad, a 31-year-old polar bear, was euthanized because of a tumor on his liver that had “compromised his quality of life.” Conrad was considered the oldest male polar bear in captivity in North America.…
PHOTO BY RAYMOND RENDLEMAN - Co-chief petitioner Veronica Reichle turns in the signatures for the park measures to Assistant City Administrator Jackie Betz at Gladstone City Hall.
July 21, 2016

Petitioners turn in signatures to protect Gladstone parks through citywide votes

by Raymond Rendleman
Petitioners on Wednesday turned in more than 1,000 signatures for two park measures that would require public votes if the city ever intends to sell a public park for private development. Clackamas County’s Election Division still will need to…
TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO - Portland businessman is facing money woes and a condo foreclosure as his legal problems multiply.
July 21, 2016

Legal woes multiply for businessman Roy Jay

by Nick Budnick
Already grappling with a wide-ranging state Justice Department investigation into his finances, Portland businessman Roy Jay is now battling in court over other issues as well. Jay, whose given name is Roy J. Harris, has been a prominent figure in…
July 21, 2016

Woman injured when struck by car on NE Prescott Street

by Pamplin Media Group
A woman was seriously injured Thursday afternoon when she was struck by a car at Northeast Eighth Avenue and Prescott Street. Portland police said the woman was taken to an area hospital with injuries they said could be life-threatening. The woman’s…
PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP FILE PHOTO: LESLIE PUGMIRE HOLE - The city of West Linn last year pushed for a third lane on I-205 between Stafford Road and the George Abernethy Bridge.
July 21, 2016

Auxiliary lane on I-5 planned to relieve congestion

by Peter Wong
Two Metro-area highway projects designed to ease the movement of trucks and traffic have been added to the Oregon Transportation Commission’s four-year statewide plan. One project would add a southbound auxiliary lane on Interstate 5 from Highway…
TRIBUNE PHOTO: JAIME VALDEZ - Bruce and Pam Packard bought their manufactured home in Lostinda Woods for $55,000 in late 2012, then had to spend $40,000 fixing unexpected defects including a leaky roof and sagging floor in the kitchen. They were forced to sell the unit for $33,000.
July 21, 2016

Lost homes at Lostinda Woods

by Steve Law
Diane Pense and her former East Portland neighbors have gone from sad to fighting mad. Last summer, 10 families at the Lostinda Woods manufactured home park at Southeast 125th Avenue and Foster Road got an ultimatum from the new park owner: Pay…
July 21, 2016

Sources: Will elected officials, staff be ready to make nice?

by Jim Redden
By now, everyone who follows Portland politics knows KXL radio obtained some of Mayor Charlie Hale’s text messages that show strained relations with Commissioner Steve Novick and Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury. The tensions even extended to…
TRIBUNE PHOTO: LYNDSEY HEWITT - Staff at Concordia University have embraced the 'Pokemon Go' trend. They recently gathered to tie Pokemon-themed balloons to each of their 14 Pokestops to make it even easier for players to spot.
July 21, 2016

'Pokemon Go' craze catches Portlanders

by Lyndsey Hewitt
Portland has been no exception in the “Pokemon Go” hysteria that has swept the nation the past few weeks. Since the game was released July 6, players have been spotted walking and staring at their smartphones with some fervor in attempts to find and…
COURTESY PHOTO: METRO - New basalt columns grace the entrance to Portland's historic Lone Fir Cemetery.
July 20, 2016

New basalt columns rise at Lone Fir Cemetery entrance

by Rebecca Koffman/Metro
At one time, Lone Fir Cemetery’s two entrances were each flanked with hand-carved stone columns. The original columns on the cemetery’s west side are still standing. The east side columns were removed, leaving only the bases. ”We don’t know when the…
TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO - Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum faces an accusation from Oracle that she concealed information about a top state witness in the bitter litigation over the Cover Oregon debacle.
July 20, 2016

Oracle: State improperly concealed whistleblower's bombshell account of Cover Oregon debacle

by Nick Budnick
On the eve of a key hearing Oracle is asking a judge to throw out the state’s billion-dollar fraud lawsuit over the Cover Oregon website debacle. The company accuses the state of playing hide-the ball to dishonestly conceal Oregon's top witness.…
SECRETARY OF STATE'S OFFICE - Elections Division Director Jim Williams resigned Tuesday, July 19, 2016, with little explanation.
July 20, 2016

State elections director resigns suddenly with little explanation

by Paris Achen
SALEM — Three months before the November general election, Oregon Elections Division Director Jim Williams suddenly resigned Tuesday citing “personal reasons.” “I appreciate the opportunity to have served the Secretary of State and the people of…
Ryan Scott Davis
July 20, 2016

Robbery suspect forced from shed after search, standoff

by Pamplin Media Group
Portland’s Special Emergency Reaction Team used tear gas to force a 38-year-old man wanted for robbery from his hiding place in a Southeast Portland shed after a several-hour neighborhood search and a short standoff early Wednesday morning. Police…
PHOTO BY: ANYI WONG-LIFTON - The Oak Lodge Sanitary District allegedly has been draining water containing oil and chemicals into River Forest Lake.
July 20, 2016

Neighbors plan to sue Oak Lodge Sanitary District over pollution concerns

by Anyi Wong-Lifton
About 200 yards away from the Willamette River in Oak Grove, the small River Forest Lake provides a tranquil and beautiful environment for the surrounding residents who privately own the lake. But according to the River Forest Lake Home Owners…

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Jul 19, 2016

Shootings across U.S. trigger racial tension in Portland

by Nick Budnick
A Portland protester calls for violence against cops. A West Linn cop posts online that a possible Black Lives Matter protest at Pioneer Courthouse Square may be “target practice.” Tensions are…
Jul 19, 2016

Metro projects big population growth in suburban counties

by Jim Redden
By now, nearly everyone in Portland has heard the city’s population will skyrocket over the next 20 years. The Comprehensive Plan update recently approved by the City Council predicts that…
Jul 19, 2016

State continues job growth as June unemployment rate rises to…

by Pamplin Media Group
Oregon’s unemployment rate crept up to 4.8 percent in June as the state added 3,000 jobs last month. May’s unemployment rate was 4.5 percent. A year ago, the unemployment rate was 5.8 percent.…
TRIBUNE PHOTO: JOSEPH GALLIVAN - Biketown installer Emily Leuning preparing bike racks on Northwest 19th Avenue. The bikeshare bikes carry their electronics with them and lock to simple steel posts.
Jul 19, 2016

More bikes for Portland as Biketown rolls out

by Joseph Gallivan
Nike/PBOT bikeshare scheme launches with 1,000 trackable unisex bikes. Last week, in the hot July sunshine, two young workers on Northwest 19th Avenue were revealing the purpose of the orange…
Jul 19, 2016

MHCC board considers censure of director following controversial…

by Teresa Carson
Sonny Yellott's Facebook posts and meeting comments raise concern The Mt. Hood Community College Board of Education asked beleaguered director George "Sonny" Yellott to resign at a hastily…
Jul 19, 2016

Washington County eyes odor control for pot grows

by Peter Wong
Board sets Aug. 2 for next hearing on new planning rules. Washington County commissioners say they may want to add a requirement for odor control as they consider new regulations for commercial…
Jul 19, 2016

With new vendors, Division Clinton Street Fair bigger than ever

by Max Denning
With more than double the number of vendors than in years past, this year’s Division Clinton Street Fair and Parade, on Saturday, July 23, should be the largest ever. For the 24th annual…
TRIBUNE PHOTO: ADAM WICKHAM - Donna Hammond had to overcome blatant abuse in her struggle to become the second black woman journey-level electrician in Oregon.
Jul 19, 2016

Recruiting a better ending for women in the trades

by Peter Korn
Changing hearts critical to ending sexism, abuse During the past month, the Tribune has explored discrimination and abuse against Oregon women attempting to make careers as line workers. Today,…
TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO - Superintendent Carole Smith responds to angry parents at a June 1 meeting on lead in drinking water.
Jul 18, 2016

Struggles over management, not lead, pushed Smith to retire…

by Shasta Kearns Moore
Portland Public Schools — on track for a huge school construction bond measure, a major reconfiguration of its schools and, potentially, a windfall of new tax dollars — will have to navigate all…
TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO - Portland Public Schools water fountains shut off after growing concerns in late May.
Jul 18, 2016

Report: Systemic failures led to inaction over lead in school…

by Shasta Kearns Moore
The largest school district in Oregon didn’t have a plan for testing for lead in its water, remediating its effects, nor communicating results externally or internally, despite knowing about the…
TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO - Portland Public Schools Superintendent Carole Smith announced her decision to retire immediately with the simultaneous release of a report detailing widespread problems in the district's approach to lead in its drinking water.
Jul 18, 2016

Smith to retire early from PPS after lead report release

by Shasta Kearns Moore
Superintendent Carole Smith is leaving Portland Public Schools in the wake of a law firm's report into the procedural failures that allowed school drinking water sources to contain elevated…
TRIBUNE PHOTO - Clockwise: Carole Smith, Erin Janssens, Dan Staton and Larry O'Dea all retired this year from their top agency positions.
Jul 18, 2016

Resignation? Retirement? What's in a name?

by Shasta Kearns Moore
Carole Smith is the latest to announce she is retiring rather than resigning Portland has experienced a rash of public employees suddenly “retiring” after allegations of wrongdoing or…
Jul 19, 2016

Corporate sales tax wouldn't boost high school graduation measure

by Paris Achen
A proposed corporate sales tax that would raise $3 billion a year in new revenue would have little to no effect on the amount of funding earmarked to high school graduation programs under…
Jul 18, 2016

Texas man dies in Highway 211 crash

by Peggy Savage
Oregon State Police released Monday the identities of two men involved in Thursday afternoon's single-vehicle fatal crash on Highway 211 near Colton. State police said 39-year-old Antony Scallon…
PHOTO BY JOHN M. VINCENT - The 1935 Mercedes-Benz 500K won the Best in Show award at the 44th Annual Forest Grove Concours d'Elegance on Sunday. It is owned and was displayed by Thomas and Ronda Taffet of Chatsworth, California.
Jul 18, 2016

Classic cars celebrated at 44th Annual Forest Grove Concours…

by Pamplin Media Group
A rare 1935 Mercedes-Benz 500K won the coveted Best in Show award at the 44th Annual Forest Grove Concours d’Elegance on Sunday. The full classic Mercedes convertible is one of just 342…
Jul 17, 2016

Two shot in NE Portland, no arrests made

by Jim Redden
A man and a woman were shot and seriously injured in the Cully neighborhood early Sunday. The names of the victims were not immediately released. Their injuries are thought to be non-life…
PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP: JOHN SCHRAG - Phil Shaw of Portland brought his 1964 Volkswagen Beetle to the annual Rotary Club fundraiser.  It features a folding sunroof, tweed interior and custom wide VW wheels.
Jul 17, 2016

Annual classic car puts German cars at center stage Sunday

by John Schrag
The 44th annual Forest Grove Concours d’Elegance opened under cloudy skies Sunday with a distinctly German flavor, thanks, in part to Phil Shaw of Portland. Shaw brought his 1964 Beetle to the…
WASHINGTON COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE - This 1992 Toyota Camry was seriously damaged in a Saturdayt crash that injured a passenger.
Jul 17, 2016

Man arrested after crashing car, injuring passenger, leaving…

by Pamplin Media Group
A Beaverton driver was arrested Saturday after crashing his car and injuring a passenger from Cornelius on Saturday evening on a rural road outside of Hillsboro. Randy Lopez-Perez, 22, is…
PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP FILE PHOTO - Homeless camps like this one along the Springwater Trail will be removed after Aug. 1, according to a plan by Portland Mayor Charlie Hales.
Jul 15, 2016

Hales: Homeless campers to be swept from Springwater Corridor…

by Jim Redden
Mayor Charlie Hales said Friday that an estimated 500 homeless campers would be cleared from sections of the Springwater Corridor Trail, beginning this month. Responding to increasing criticism…
MULTONOMAH COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE - Christine Culver, who embezzled $225,000 from the city of Molalla while serving as the city finance director has now been arrested on charges of embezzling $70,000 from a Portland Church.
Jul 15, 2016

Woman convicted in 1997 of Molalla embezzlement now accused of…

by Molalla Pioneer
A former city of Molalla finance director who in 1997 was convicted of embezzling $225,000 from the city was arrested June 28 on charges of embezzling $70,000 from a Portland church. Christine…
TRIBUNE PHOTO: PETER WONG - Carl Switzer, Washington County parks superintendent, at C-Ramp recreation area at Scoggins Valley Park/Hagg Lake on Wednesday, July 13.
Jul 15, 2016

Washington County parks official takes over at a time of change

by Peter Wong
As Carl Switzer takes over as parks superintendent, Washington County’s largest park is undergoing several changes and its newest park for recreational vehicles is under development at the fair…
COURTESY PHOTO: WHITE HOUSE - Portland's Desiree Williams-Rajee spoke Friday afternoon during a meeting of Champions of Change at a White House program in Washington, D.C.
Jul 13, 2016

Portland's Williams-Rajee honored by White House for climate…

by Pamplin Media Group
Portland’s Desiree Williams-Rajee was among 10 people honored Friday as White House Champions of Change for Climate Equity. Williams-Rajee is an equity specialist for Portland’s Bureau of…
TRIBUNE PHOTO: JAIME VALDEZ - Jack Sock of the U.S. celebrates as the crowd goes wild Friday afternoon at Tualatin Hills Tennis Center, where he prevailed in five sets against Croatia's Marin Cilic to open the weekend Davis Cup quarterfinals.
Jul 15, 2016

Portland loves Davis Cup tennis -- and Jack Sock's fortitude

by Kerry Eggers
U.S. leadoff man rallies for biggest win of his career/KERRY EGGERS ON SPORTS Top-level tennis requires athletic ability and talent in handling a racquet, but there’s another element that…
PARIS ACHEN - Gov. Kate Brown unveils a gun safety plan at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Portland Friday, July 15, 2016.
Jul 19, 2016

Brown unveils plan to reduce gun violence

by Paris Achen/Capital Bureau
PORTLAND - Gov. Kate Brown has unveiled a multi-pronged plan for decreasing gun violence in the state. The plan, “Oregonians United to End Gun Violence,” involves state legislation to close…
Jul 15, 2016

Sunset, Willamette Primary drinking water tests indicate…

by Andrew Kilstrom
West Linn-Wilsonville School District still testing other schools Testing results of drinking water at both Sunset Primary and Willamette Primary have indicated elevated levels of lead — four of…