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Portland's Opinions

May 25, 2017

My View: Motor voter law has primary problem

by John Horvick
Since the implementation of motor voter, more nonaffiliated voters have been added to the rolls than Democrats and Republicans combined. In February, for the first time ever, there were more…
May 25, 2017

My View: Oregon Legislature should give kids a Ticket to the…

by Kathryn Hickok and Steve Buckstein
An Education Savings Account is analogous to a debit card for qualifying education expenses. It gives parents who want to opt out of a public school that is not meeting their child's needs a…
May 25, 2017

Letters: Oppose effort to repeal sanctuary law

by Pamplin Media Group
Our readers are worried about many issues, including whether we are losing out minds

May 23, 2017

Our Opinion: Put brakes on Forest Park bikes

by Editorial board
The conflict is not unique to Portland. Cycling advocates around the globe point to well-designed trails that provide access to natural areas with minimal impact to flora and fauna. Many nature…
May 23, 2017

My View: Create path to outdoor access

by Kevin Frazier
Former Oregon Gov. Tom McCall refused to view supporting the environment and advancing social needs as substitutes. He valued both nature and nurture. Increasing our quality of life meant…
May 23, 2017

Letters: Seek common ground on historic district

by Pamplin Media Group
Our readers are also concerned about ongoing confrontations between protesters and the Portland police
May 18, 2017

My View: New roads aren't answer to congestion

by Gary Duell
Examples abound of effective ways to move our stuff and ourselves around, all over the world in cities both much older and far newer than Portland, Oregon. We can stop speculating about what…
May 18, 2017

My View: Housing bill promotes family stability

by Andy Miller
As the owner of over 700 rental units, we know the challenges and economic risks landlords face every day. Human Solutions has, for decades, successfully operated hundreds of units of rental…
May 18, 2017

Letters: State's businesses must pay fair share

by Jim Redden
Readers are concerned about the issues of the day, incuding the future of the western meadowlark.
May 16, 2017

Our Opinion: PPS needs an open hiring process

by Editorial board
An open search also would have given education watchdogs and the news media ample time to dig into the backgrounds of each finalist before the board narrowed the list down to just one person.…

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May 16, 2017

My View: HB2007 will reduce barriers to housing

by Russ Hoeflich
Housing costs are rising because there are not enough homes to go around. Oregonians are spending more than ever on housing. We need to make sure we are keeping the door open for people to live,…
May 16, 2017

Letters: Don't believe all the hype about cars

by Pamplin Media Group
Readers also weigh in on tougher GED requirements and the Republican health care plan.
May 11, 2017

My View: Keep museum walkway open to public

by Shirley Rackner
I appreciate, support and have been a longtime member of the museum, and I understand the museum's wishes to expand. However, they have refused community input in a most elitist manner, putting…
May 11, 2017

Letters: Don't blame PBOT for road problems

by Pamplin Media Group
Our readers express themselves on everything from street projects to the May Day riot.
May 09, 2017

Our Opinion: Time for business to lay out its plan

by Editorial Board
A tax on a company's sales, as opposed to its profits, is inherently unfair to businesses that make no or very little profit, and a large portion of it is likely to be passed onto consumers.
May 09, 2017

My View: HB2007 undercuts best urban qualities

by Terry Parker
First-time buyer and starter homes already are being demolished at an alarming rate. Replacement housing nearly always has a higher price tag.
May 09, 2017

My View: Trump the foreign policy shape-shifter

by Mel Gurtov
Successful conflict management calls for establishing a peaceful way of doing business. That other way includes inducements, which may stimulate talks and reciprocal concessions; use of all…
PORTLAND TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO - The New Copper Penny recently was torn down in Lents, a sign of new things to come in the commercial heart of the neighborhood.
May 04, 2017

My View: Can Lents return to community roots?

by Albert Drake
As a kid I walked through the neighborhood or rode my bike, going to Bud's Barber Shop for a haircut, then to the Rexall Drug Store for a cherry Coke, where I also read comic books at length.…
May 04, 2017

My View: Pepsi ad says a lot about protest culture

by Shahriyar Smith
We know how to spot a fake, which Pepsi's ad certainly is. It shows a multi-ethnic crowd of good-looking people with signs bearing banal platitudes like 'join the conversation' marching through…
May 04, 2017

Letters: Time for new transportation leadership

by Pamplin Media Group
Readers voice their opinions about road problems, hard to read street signs, Trump's taxes and even a 2-percent sales tax.