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Portland's Opinions

July 10, 2014

Our Opinion: Parks plan must send the right message

by Editorial Board
Portland still doesn’t have a plan to fix its streets, but Commissioner Amanda Fritz is plowing forward with a proposal to repair city parks. And her approach includes a pledge even fiscal…
July 10, 2014

Readers' Letters: Road 'diet' doesn't benefit the majority

by None
Thank you for your thoughtful editorial regarding Foster Road and the city’s road “diet” initiatives (Road “diet” shouldn’t starve neighborhoods, editorial, June 26). Some years ago, when…
July 10, 2014

My View: High court ruling infringes on women's rights

by Michele Stranger Hunter
On June 30, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in the Hobby Lobby case. It said that closely held, for-profit companies that maintain religious objections to the federal health care…
July 10, 2014

My View: City cycling has more pluses than minuses

by Gil Johnson
Despite vast differences in size and population, New York City and Portland have a lot in common: distinct neighborhoods, innovative restaurants, Stumptown Coffee and lots of bike lanes, to name…
July 08, 2014

My View: Justices badly need a real-world touch

by Susan Estrich
Since the nomination of Robert Bork to the Supreme Court went up in flames back in 1987, every appointee to the court has understood that when asked at confirmation hearings about how your…
July 08, 2014

My View: Let's take common sense measures on school safety to…

by Betty Komp
The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting tragedy on Dec. 14, 2012, in Newtown, Conn., shook us all to our core. How could schoolchildren be the victims of such violence and horror? Parents and…
July 03, 2014

Our Opinion: Water panel a start, but we want results

by Editorial board
City of Portland leaders may be developing a better ear for listening — and acting upon — public concerns. The first evidence of this improved hearing comes in the form of a promise fulfilled by…
July 03, 2014

My View: It's time to end the National Security Agency dragnet

by Ron Wyden, Mark Udall and Rand Paul
One year ago this month, Americans learned their government was engaged in secret dragnet surveillance, which contradicted years of assurances to the contrary from senior government officials…
July 03, 2014

Readers' Letters: College costs have hit the tipping point

by None
As a society, we should be supportive of those who choose to get an education that will contribute productively to society (OHSU students get bitter insurance pill, June 28). Paying $4,000 a…
July 01, 2014

My View: GOP won't pass immigration reform

by Debra Saunders
The New York Times reports that House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy is considered “the best hope” to win passage of a comprehensive immigration reform bill in Congress after he becomes majority…

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Jul 01, 2014

My View: Even after 50 years of civil rights law, we still must…

by Brad Avakian
Hard to believe, but 50 years ago it was perfectly legal to discriminate against someone because of their race, religion, gender or national origin. Discrimination was a fact of life for many…
Jun 26, 2014

Our Opinion: Road 'diet' shouldn't starve neighborhoods

by Editorial Board
The city of Portland wants you to slow down. More specifically, it wants you to slow down, get out of your car, walk around and spend money in local businesses. During the past several years,…
Jun 26, 2014

Readers' Letters: We need sensible changes on gun laws

by None
Steve Brown, thank you for this article (Ammunition for change? Gun owners should stand up for reasonable rules to protect our families, our children, column, June 17). I share your youth and…
Jun 26, 2014

My View: Mental health services needed at schools

by Scott Poland
“If we do not make changes, then our past will determine our future, and we will continue to have school shootings.” This statement was a part of my first testimony before Congress in March…
Jun 26, 2014

My View: Look past pesticides to study pollinator health

by Jeff Stone and Scott Dahlman
As fellow state Pollinator Health Task Force members, we were disappointed to read the piece written by Aimee Code and Scott Hoffman Black of the Xerces Society (Protect pollinators like our…
Jun 24, 2014

My View: We need to keep pace to remain globally competitive

by Katie Riley
As we leave high school graduation season, we have much to celebrate. Our sons, daughters, grandchildren, nieces and nephews are either pursuing post-secondary education or starting careers.…
Jun 24, 2014

My View: Talk straight to your kids about pot

by William Moyers
We can debate the science of marijuana, a drug, and challenge the soundness of public policy about it without ever reaching a consensus about the wisdom of legalizing or criminalizing it or…
Jun 19, 2014

Our Opinion: Focus on responsible gun ownership

by Editorial board
Every time a gun-related tragedy occurs, the cry goes out to ban certain types of weapons, establish waiting periods or pass other gun legislation, but in the end, nothing ever really gets done.…
Jun 19, 2014

My View: Your vote could help end gun violence

by Sarah Finger McDonald
My heart and soul feel heavy with the knowledge that another child has died in a school shooting and another community is grieving, this time in Oregon. Our thoughts and prayers are with the…
Jun 19, 2014

My View: Protect pollinators like our lives depend on it

by Scott Hoffman Black and Aimee Code
A single pesticide application killed 50,000 wild bumblebees in Oregon last year, dealing a devastating blow to 300 or more colonies. The one bright spot in this tragedy is that the Oregon…