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Portland's Opinions

December 06, 2016

My View: Put election polling into perspective

by John Horvick
A Trump win was always possible. While at the time it may have been convenient to downplay smaller uncertainties — the high level of undecided voters, the impossibility in perfectly predicting…
December 06, 2016

My View: Electoral College makes all states relevant

by Ridge Taylor
I have seen many letter writers bandying about the notion of overturning the Electoral College as spelled out in the U.S. Constitution 'because one vote should count as one vote.'So why didn't…
December 06, 2016

Letters: Frequent service draws more bus riders

by (none)
Our readers weigh in on the issues of the day, inlcuding transit and adult bicyclists on sidewalks

December 01, 2016

Our Opinion: City should turn its watchdog loose

by Editorial Board
The city auditor, who is the sixth elected official in city government and is supposed to be 'functionally independent' of the council. The mission of the Auditor's Office is to 'promote open…
December 01, 2016

My View: Wheeler must rectify Hales' homeless legacy

by Jeff Woodward
Ted Wheeler and his team will immediately face scores of formidable tasks, including dozens of on-edge neighborhood associations whose members are feeling fed-up and minimized by Mayor Charlie…
December 01, 2016

Letters: Media shouldn't feed Trump's huge ego

by Pamplin Media Group
Our readers weigh in on the issues of the day, inlcuding Trump, Hales and non-profit tax exemptions
November 29, 2016

My View: Let's get our own house in order

by Max Margolis
For over a year and half, the media has bombarded the populace with breathless and sensationalistic coverage, ignoring in-depth reporting for clicks and advertising dollars. As citizens, we must…
November 29, 2016

My View: Abolish the death penalty in Oregon

by David L. Jorling
As a former prosecutor and public defender, I recognize that mistakes are made in the criminal courts, and national studies confirm the point. Since 1976, 1,440 individuals nationwide have been…
November 24, 2016

Our Opinion: Diluted bus project still right move

by (none)
The Division Street Transit Project may not live up to our original hopes for a fully realized BRT route - one that would show the value of BRT as a cheaper alternative to light rail and also be…
November 24, 2016

My View: Bhutanese Americans advance despite immigration rhetoric

by Mark Kirchmeier
The Bhutanese are not part of the underground, under-the-table economy many illegal immigrants have no choice but to work in. The Bhutanese are either documented permanent residents or U.S.…

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Nov 24, 2016

Letters: Those 'inspired' by Trump causing fear

by (none)
Our readers weigh in on the issues of the day, including the failings of both presidential candidates
Nov 22, 2016

My View: It's time to learn to dance in the rain

by Rabbi Ariel Stone
We must look within to find the pillars of the strength that will hold us up in these tough times. What are they? I suggest to you that we all need to focus upon our specific wells of self, to…
Nov 22, 2016

My View: Fight back with newsprint weapons

by Spencer Jakab
The main threat to the American media, and dare I say democracy, is apathy. You've probably heard that about 100 million people - far more than those who cast a ballot for either Trump or…
Nov 22, 2016

Letters: Post-election rioting solves nothing

by (none)
Our readers weigh in on post-election protests and other issues
Nov 17, 2016

Our Opinion: Turn election angst into local energy

by Editorial Board
Finding common ground after the scorched-earth red vs. blue presidential campaign will be difficult. The path to purple is particularly murky given that we have (for only the third time in the…
Nov 17, 2016

My View: Protester targets in Pearl misguided

by Bruce Stephenson
Four decades ago, Oregonians invested in the novel idea that the judicious use of land could create a sustaining mix of private capital and civic enterprise in their cities. This investment has…
Nov 17, 2016

My View: County using heavy hand with nonprofits

by Dick Roy
Author says something is amiss in Multnomah County. With no prior notice, a secretive internal process within the county produced a shocking denial of our long-standing nonprofit tax exemption,…
Nov 15, 2016

My View: Is it finally time for radical reformation?

by Adam Davis
Last Wednesday night, before the riots of the next night, protesters peacefully gathered in downtown Portland to show their displeasure over the previous night's election results. Among the…
Nov 15, 2016

My View: This is time to stay, not flee country

by The Rev. Kris Voss-Rothmeier
Several days after the presidential election, we continue to ponder in stunned amazement at the results on Nov. 8. We wonder how a candidate that we knew, whom many didn't like, could be…
Nov 15, 2016

Letters: Separating WikiLeaks from wiki

by (none)
Our readers weigh in on the issues of the day, including WikiLeaks, voter turnout, and 'Scary Gary'