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Biketown riders rack up 520,000 trips on rented orange rides

Data: During past two years, 111,000 riders have traveled about 1.1 million miles. Average ride is about two miles.

SolarWorld Americas to be acquired by rival company

The Hillsboro-based company reached a purchase agreement with larger SunPower.

Zoo elephant herd adds New Mexico transplant

Samson, who arrived in Portland this week from ABQ BioPark Zoo in Albuquerque, will be isolated from the herd for several…

At Marylhurst College, it's Earth Week

Activities slated every day this week at the private college off Highway 43 between Lake Oswego and West Linn.

Zoo elephants get into swing of eating with a fire hose

A large bamboo feeder, made from fire hose sections woven into a large chain, was inspired by Oregon Zoo volunteers'…

Oregon wolf population continues to grow

The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife released its 2017 Wolf Conservation and Management Annual Report on Thursday

EARTHTALK:Particle Board Blues: Could Your Furniture Be…

Dear EarthTalk: I recently read about the toxic dangers of particle board. I still am using the same laminate on particle…

Portland volunteer honored with forestry award

Mary Harrell manages the Friends of Trees' Portland office. She has been with Friends of Trees since 1996.

'The Soil Will Save Us' author to speak in Forest Grove

Kristin Ohlson is the featured speaker at the 'Knowledge Pub' event next Wednesday at the Forest Theater.

Oregon City School District donates trees to CCC

Clackamas Community College gets 119 plants to shade the headwaters of Newell Creek

Study puts regional landslides in spotlight

A new lidar-based landslide inventory maps show more than 7,000 past landslides - 10 times as many as research teams mapped…

EARTHTALK: Can Light Pollution Really Cause Breast Cancer?

Dear EarthTalk: What is 'light pollution?' Is it really a factor in breast cancer?-Gudrun Smythe, Madison, Wisconsin

After China snub, solutions emerge to recycle plastics

Domestic markets are responding quickly to fill the vacuum for dealing with Oregon's curbside recyclables-for plastic but…

Center for Earth Leadership morphs into new nonprofit

Project trains parents to lead sustainability initiatives in Oregon schools.

Endangered butterfly to get protected

Feds will add the rare island marble, found on only one Northwest island, to the Endangered Species list.

Offshore habitat protected from trawlers

The Pacific Fishery Management Council, which met in Portland, expands conservation measures for ocean floor.

Governor signs Cleaner Air Oregon

The Cleaner Air Oregon bill will provide residents more information about the health risks of industrial air emissions.

EcoFilm Festival returns to Portland

2018 lineup includes four films with an environmental flavor, scheduled around Earth Day weekend.

EARTHTALK: Want Better Sleep? Consider A Green Mattress

Dear EarthTalk: I'm in the market for a new mattress after two decades on 'old faithful' and I figure it's a good time to go…

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my

Oregon State scientists detail how to re-establish threatened carnivore populations across the globe

EARTHTALK Risky Rainwear: Outdoor Gear Makers Scramble…

Dear EarthTalk: Just when I finally purged my kitchen of non-stick cookware due to the risks posed by Teflon, I now learn…

Lake Oswego City Council adopts Climate Action Plan

By design, the six-page document focuses on specific action items and 'the art of the practical'

Oregon City author depicts environmental issues, solutions

Robert Bresky's fourth book deals with genocide, climate change, pollution

Economist reinforces Residential Infill Project

Analysis says plan should lead to more lower-cost housing, although some existing homes will continue to be torn down.

NW agriculture groups caught in trade skirmish crosshairs

'We expect all countries to resolve trade disputes in a way that doesn't harm businesses, farmers and consumers.'trade…

Celebrate Earth Day in song

Center for Earth Leadership hosts annual event to honor the planet, in downtown Portland church.

'Long overdue' upgrades underway for Oxbow Park

Metro regional park plans new campsites, visitor center and play areas near Sandy River.

EARTHTALKReady For A New Solar Roof?

Dear EarthTalk: I need to get my roof replaced as a result of storm damage (thanks global warming!). Is Tesla's solar roof a…

City may raise garbage bills by 10 percent

China's strict new standards for accepting our mixed paper and plastics are driving up costs to handle our recyclables.

Oregon City receives $500 grant for Arbor Day

April 7 event seeks more participants to plant trees on the McLoughlin Promenade

Late-season snowfall delivers spring joy to ski resorts

Late-season snowfall delivers spring joy to Mount Hood ski resorts and visitors

Volunteers plant 'Gift Trees' to remember loved ones

Happy Valley Park one of many sites where Friends of Trees's memorial trees thrive

Where are the gorge pikas? Researchers will find them

Crucial species studied after habitat reduced in fire; Pika Watch has trained more than 1,000 volunteers to study pikas in…

'Green' event highlights sustainability

Tour of Moda Center links hundreds of businesses from across the Portland Metro region

Sea lions wreaking havoc on the river

Anglers want state and federal agencies to act before salmon and steelhead populations in the Willamette are decimated

First farm in Portland area obtains animal-welfare…

Cattle and sheep at Naked Acres Farm in Beavercreek now certified grass-fed by AGW, the only 'highly meaningful' label…

EARTHTALK Endangered Species On The Ropes

Dear EarthTalk: Now Trump is going to allow the importing of elephant 'trophies' after all! Where do things stand overall…

Gray Whale Sightings Up Off Northwest Coast

There's been a baby boom for West Coast gray whales for about six years, and a greater number spotted earlier in the season…

Oregon's 'Tree City of the Year' is ready for Arbor Week

Recognition adds a special touch to Lake Oswego's celebration, which includes lots of events and an art contest

Forest visitors bring big bucks to nearby communities

New survey says locals, non-locals spend more than $90M annually at communities surrounding forests

Milwaukie names Lisa Gunion-Rinker volunteer of the year

Chair of Parks and Recreation Board set to be formally announced as winner Tuesday, April 3

New BottleDrop center added at Freddies in Burlingame

Customers can drop off cans and bottles to get their dimes back, at Fred Meyer store in Southwest Portland.

Students compete to turn inventions into prototypes in CleanTech…

Portland State University hosts annual competition among student inventors of products with environmental applications.

Columbia Slough 101

Watershed council invites public to learn more about the non-moving body of water near the Columbia River.

Picture-perfect platform reopens at Multnomah Falls

Falls fence removed, restoring access to viewing platform in the Columbia River Gorge.

Ivy pull planned this weekend at Waterboard Park

Oregon City Parks Foundation calling for volunteers to gather 8:30 a.m. this Saturday at Oregon City Armory

Booze ban approved for Sauvie Island summers

Alcohol ban takes effect between May 1 and Sept. 30 each year in the Sauvie Island Wildlife Area.

Groups prepare appeal of farmland rezone

Columbia Riverkeeper, 1,000 Friends of Oregon team up to appeal Columbia County approval of Port Westward expansion

Quake devastation will be far worse than scientists thought

State geologists analyze projected impacts of Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake, magnitude 9.0, and expect tens of thousands of casualties in the…

Heidgerken refuses Oregon City offer to buy falls site

Riverwalk developer wants to build hotel at location, but he owes $39,000 in water, sewer bills

Labor woes worry local nursery owners

Local nursery owners and horticulturalists hold their own despite lack of labor in Oregon.

Neurotoxin kills 20+ crows in Portland

The Audubon Society of Portland says 'Avitrol' pesticide killed crows on Jan. 30 near MLK Boulevard.

Buy some plants, protect Baltimore Woods

Nonprofit hosts its annual native plant sale to raise money to preserve the wildlife corridor along Willamette River in North Portland.

Gateway to Superfund site getting cleanup plan

City of Portland, four companies devise remedies for upstream stretch of 10-mile project

Clean up the beaches

SOLVE hosts cleanup activities at 45 sites up and down the Oregon Coast; sign up in advance.

Maddox Woods rookery puts on a fine nesting show

'If you keep the faith I will exist at the edge, where your vision joins the sunlight and the rain: heads in the light, feet that go down in the mud…

Portland's 'Poop to Power' reaches first milestone

The station, the first milestone in the 'Poop to Power' project, will provide fuel for the natural gas vehicles in the city's fleet.

Attempt to block youths' climate change lawsuit rejected

Juliana v. United States, filed in Eugene in 2015, claims that the president and various Executive Branch officials and agencies have contributed to…

Legislative leaders allot money to study cap and trade policy…

Leaders vow to bring back the proposal to rein in carbon emissions in the long 2019 legislative session.

EarthTalk: Why Are Straws So Bad for the Environment?

Dear EarthTalk: What's the deal with some restaurants going 'strawless' - that is, no longer offering straws to their customers? What's so bad about…

A frog serenade

Wilsonville residents hear local amphibians singing ahead of schedule -- and plenty loud

Community garden opens at Baker Prairie

Baker Prairie Middle School has opened its yearly community garden and is looking for growers

Willamette Falls sea lions transported from Oregon City to coast

ODFW traps four sea lions and transports three, two of which have already returned to the falls

Forests propose approving herbicide

Deschutes and Ochoco national forests seek comments on herbicide aminopyralid for use on forests, Grassland.

What local officials are doing to avert dramatic climate change

League of Women Voters hosts forum to discuss the city/county Climate Action Plan and how businsesses and citizens can do their part.

OSU study: snowpack declines across the West

Researchers attribute the snowpack decline to warmer temperatures, not a lack of precipitation. The study considered data from 1,766 sites in the…

When recyclables have nowhere to go

Some mixed paper and plastics collected from curbsides are starting to go to the dump instead.

EARTHTALK: Caring About Climate Without the Federal Government

Dear EarthTalk: How did the Global Climate Action Summit coming up later this year in San Francisco come about and what do organizers hope to…

Metro's radical new idea for more housing

Five cities present ideas to create new neighborhoods in an expanded urban growth boundary

Washington banning toxic firefighting foams

Foams with perfluorinated chemicals work well in petroleum fires, such as at airports, but are known toxins that can harm firefighter health

Dyno-Nobel to pay $250K in felony plea deal for ammonia…

St. Helens chemical manufacturer pleads guilty for failing to notify federal authorities about ammonia release in 2015

Forest Park bridge work closes trails in March

Replacing bridges and other trail work is part of the city's Renew Forest Park initiative, a 20-year project to maintain and improve the park.

Who cut down Luis Pacheco's trees?

Nearly three dozen were left where they fell on his property in the Skyland neighborhood; Lake Oswego police and city officials are investigating

PCC president outlines green initiatives

Training programs, reductions in energy usage and greenhouse-gas emissions earned system a national award and participation in UN Climate Change…

EARTHTALKWaiting for Hot Water

Dear EarthTalk: One source of water waste is running it to change from cold to hot. Any thoughts on how to deal with this? -Joanne Leussing, via…

Was Eagle Creek Fire good for the Gorge?

Metro scientist Jonathan Soll says dead trees provide habitat for living animals.

Gresham photographer offers window to wildlife

Carol Zyvatkauskas follows her instinct of photographing creatures around the community.

Plants that are good for your yard and your health

Many beautiful species that are native to the Northwest will add color to your yard, attract wildlife, and double as natural remedies.

Columbia Gorge Commission prepares new management plan

Executive director Krystyna Wolniakowski sees four areas where changes are needed.

North Plains-area company fined for pollution of creek

The Department of Environmental Quality says Northside Rock Products LLC threatened fish habitat.

One-stop shopping event for CSAs offered

More than 40 farmers and food producers will be on hand Sunday to talk about their Community Supported Agriculture programs.

House Dems seek half of a cap-and-invest program

Acknowledging resistance to passing a full cap-and-invest program this year, House Democrats have proposed enacting half of a program and finishing…

Vancouver boy pleads guilty to starting Eagle Creek fire

In a statement, the teenager apologized to the court. 'I know I will have to live with my bad decision for the rest of my life, but I have learned…

See plans for Gateway Green at community open house

Public invited to see the draft design for new East Portland park at Saturday event.

House approves protections for all Oregon seed growers

Grass seed crops have received similar protections since 2011, but other types of seed were excluded from the legislation.

Coffee Creek inmates help sustain endangered butterflies

'I can tell friends and family that while in the midst of being in a correctional facility, I'm doing something that's very impactful.'

Gresham principal conquers Kilimanjaro

Clear Creek Middle School's Lori Bennis climbs 14 peaks, including the 5 highest in the Northwest.

Gresham's 6 undeveloped parks have $37.2 million price tag

City Council sets goals for park development and maintenance during meeting on Feb. 13

PGE to fund electric vehicle programs

Oregon Public Utility Commission authorizes up to $3.8 million to be spent in service area, including help for TriMet.

Gorge bike trail extension rolls in at $21 million

Wyeth-Lindsey Creek trail link in Columbia River Gorge could open in 2019, ODOT says.

Gravel mine fined $35K for violations at Fairview Creek

More News: Get tax help at Gresham Library, Red Cross honors Eagle Creek Fire animal angels.

Mercury pollution may impact Oregon farm erosion rules

Farmers may be expected to increase erosion control efforts due to stricter mercury pollution limits in Oregon's Willamette River Basin.

Yakama Nation sues 30 parties to recoup Superfund costs

Washington tribe says it wants to hold polluters more accountable as the Trump administration tilts the EPA in an industry-friendly direction.

Bamboo heaven nestled in North Plains hills

Picturesque Bamboo Garden nursery occupies former timberland and specializes in all things bamboo.

Small band of West Linn volunteers work to revitalize city open…

'When we started, it was completely infested with blackberries, huge bushes.'

EARTHTALK: Regenerative Agriculture

There's no tilling how much carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions that we can save with these farming methods

DEQ fines Portland $55,200 for Woods Creek sewage spill

City won't appeal decision after about 100,000 to 200,000 gallons of raw sewage overflowed from manholes into the creek near Southwest 69th Avenue…

Levee project wants regional taxing district to protect area…

Levee Ready Columbia will seek buy-in from elected officials about creating a Water Improvement District,

Carbon sequestration proposed as 'cap-and-trade' alternative

Timber companies and several lawmakers are advocating for a bill that would require the state to evaluate using 'natural ecosystems' to absorb and…

Oregon 'uplists' marbled murrelet to endangered

The change to endangered status will likely result in stricter logging limits on state forestland.


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