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Pregnant? Consider water birth at the Northwest Women's Clinic

Brought to you by Lydia Hammond - Northwest Women's Clinic - MIDWIFE INSIDER -

NORTHWEST WOMEN'S CLINIC - Lydia HammondCertified Nurse Midwife Lydia Hammond has learned a lot from both her personal and professional experiences.

She has been the nurse, midwife and mom when it comes to water births. And if she could change anything about any of her labors, it would be making all of her births in the water.

Since March of 2014, Northwest Women's Clinic has helped facilitate dozens of water births. They are the only group offering water birth services at Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital, in addition to traditional labor and birth care there. They also provide full birth and surgical care at Providence St. Vincent.

And as an INSIDER, Hammond knows what a pivotal time labor and birth is. That's why Hammond's employer, Northwest Women's Clinic, aims for a mother's original care provider to be there for their birth 70 percent of the time.

"Labor is a very vulnerable period, and having someone you know really helps," Hammond explains. "At least in our group it's nice to know that the odds are in your favor, and even though we're all really awesome, you're more likely going to get someone you already know and trust."

Water births offer a multitude of health benefits over traditional hospital births.

Women who labor in the water and give birth there tend to labor faster, with fewer tears and a lower risk of medical intervention than traditional "land" childbirth.

Women also tend to push for shorter amounts of time, require less medication and report higher levels of satisfaction.

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