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STOP! Don't Google That – Read This First

Brought to you by Jennifer Cook-Buman - Living Right Senior Placement - SENIOR PLACEMENT INSIDER -

You've decided that it's time to start searching for senior living for you or your loved one.

So you hop on the internet and go to Google. When you type in "senior living," "senior retirement," or "assisted living" you'll see the following results listed:

Ads for national lead generating referral services such as: APlaceForMom.com

Various senior community websites

Listings for local referral agencies like: Living Right Senior Placement Services

What you do next is critical in whether you experience: information overload, confusion, extra work and phone calls or clarity, relief and personal/professional assistance.

If you call a national service, you can expect:

  • A brief phone interview with an advisor who may be in a different state
  • An emailed list of "partner" communities for you to call and visit on your own
  • Your information will be shared with these communities and other "partners" in the area, leading to numerous sales calls
  • Scheduling appointments and tours on your own
  • If you call a local referral agency you can expect:

  • An advisor who lives and works in the area and interviews you IN PERSON
  • A gathering of medical information from professionals as necessary
  • A targeted list of pre-qualified, pre-screened communities matching your criteria
  • Personal assistance in coordinating and scheduling tours
  • Buffering follow up calls from sales people
  • If you call senior living communities directly from your internet search you can expect:

  • Doing everything yourself
  • Ok, now you're ready to make an informed decision about the service you want. For more clarification about referral agencies, call Jennifer at Living Right (503) 780-7353 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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