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How to give her the best Valentine's Day ever

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NIELSEN'S JEWELERS - Jan NielsenBuying jewelry for your wife or girlfriend can be scary. Will they like it? Is this the right kind of jewelry? What if they never wear it? You'll have a lot of questions running through your head, but that's okay! Follow Nielsen Jewelers' guide to jewelry gift giving for your best Valentine's Day yet!

Tip #1: Make it personal: Tie your love story together with the perfect charms from Rembrandt or a beautiful piece from the Angelica bracelet collection. Create a custom piece with both of your birthstones so it's special to both of you, and add an engraving so she'll always have a special message from you.

Tip #2: Go for hearts: A heart-shaped pendant is THE classic Valentine's Day gift and the perfect expression of the love you share together. Not all women like the heart look however. If that sounds like your wife or girlfriend, I recommend a shimmering diamond piece. These diamonds never stop moving, a perfect representation of the rhythm of love.

Tip #3: Bring it all together with a rose: Flowers and chocolates are usually a good place to start Valentine's Day shopping, but their shelf life is generally limited. But a rose, that lasts forever! Thanks to 24k Rose, we have the ultimate Valentine's Day gift. Featuring a real rose (available in multiple colors) lacquered and trimmed in pure 24k gold, a beautiful strand of freshwater pearls, and a heart shaped box of chocolates for only $99, you'll have three ways to your significant other's heart.

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