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4 Furniture Trends for 2017

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KUHNHAUSEN'S FURNITURE SHOWCASE - Shelley Kuhnhausen HowardWith the New Year upon us, it's time to start thinking about your plans for 2017. Maybe it's to take a road trip, or get started again with a long-forgotten hobby. One of the best ways to refresh your life in the coming year, however, is to update your home's furniture. Get started with one of these four trends:

1.) Patterned Furniture—Whether it's mixed patterns or not, furniture that catches the eye is going to be in this year. Look for benches and accent chairs from Butler and Sam Moore that can really stand out in a crowded room.

2.) Extra Detailing—Classic nailhead detailing is being used on everything from storage chests to lighting fixtures now, in addition to its usual use on upholstery.

3.) Quirky Lighting—Think of lighting as the perfect accessory to show of your home's unique design sensibility. A quirkly lighting fixture will perfectly accentuate your style everywhere from the dining room to the bedroom.

4.) Texture, Texture, Texture—Part of the larger trend towards comfort in the home, designers are now looking to engage with customers on a textural level. Make sure to plop down on the chairs and sofas in our showroom to find a piece that will be comfortable for years.

For a great selection of home furnishings and décor items, visit Kuhnhausen's Furniture Showcase today. Featuring brands such as Biltwell, Bradington Young, Rowe, Sam Moore, and Whittier Wood, our wide collection of choices ensures we have the furniture that fits your lifestyle.

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