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Here's why it's important to lighten up

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SUNLAN LIGHTING - Kay NewellLight is a nutrient. Sunlight creates Vitamin D in our bodies when our skin is exposed to it. The UV from Sunshine also metabolizes Calcium and increases the body's use of vitamins "C" and "A". While I do not know of any bulb that is advertised to provide vitamins, Full Spectrum bulbs do help with SAD and are great for plant growth.

Our Farmer ancestors were said to get up with the chickens and bed down at dark. The colors of the natural sun activate our bodies to wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night. The Sun's morning yellow can be mimicked by the yellow light of a Halogen bulb, which is a wonderful bulb to wake you up and a great bulb for active work as it is about 98% similar to the morning Sun.

Neodymium infused in the glass of a bulb creates a light color that is close to afternoon light which has more reds and blues in the color spectrum. It is a softer, calmer light, great for evening lighting. Moon light is a mellow yellow. The light allows us to sleep, yet see in the night. I find the new Edison bulbs to provide a light that is very comfortable for evening.

For office lighting, I use an American made Fluorescent tube lamp that is 92% of the light of a September day. To experience the best in lighting yourself, visit Sunlan Lighting today!

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