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Lights: So many Choices!

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SUNLAN LIGHTING - Kay NewellLight bulbs are a-changin'. When I was growing up, there were light bulbs that you screwed into lamps, overhead fixtures and on the porch. The refrigerator and oven bulbs looked the same but were smaller. Public buildings, businesses and schools used higher wattage bulbs that looked like standard bulbs, but were larger. Electrical power was cheap and the bulbs lasted for years.

Today we have many more styles of light sources with many different uses. The new Standard A Lamp looks the same but uses less electricity. For example, a 43 watt light bulb is as bright as an old 60 watt bulb. The new bulb has a Halogen bulb inside to create a brighter light. Halogen bulbs are also used in the Parabolic Aluminized Reflector (PAR)-Style Flood Lights.

Sunlan stocks a Standard Bulb in Rough Service with wattages of 25, 40, 60, 75, and 100. These bulbs are used where a long bulb life, typically 3000 to 4000 hours, is needed. The heavy duty filament provides a little less light but can stand up well to external stresses.

Neodymium, Krypton, Xenon, and Halogen Bulbs have a High Color Index to show colors correctly. The bulbs are created in many sizes, shapes and with many different bases. We show some of these lights in our Portland Tribune display ads.

Compact Fluorescents are made to replace standard bulbs. They use 1/4th the electricity of a standard bulb. They have a CRI of about 82.

LED is the new form of bulb available (more about the LED family next month).

Fun bulbs at Sunlan can be seen at sunlanlighting.com and in some of our Tribune ads.

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