For starters, let's slash both ticket prices and salaries, and change a few rules

If I were commissioner of all sports for a day, I would ...

• Slash ticket prices in half for all games in the major leagues, NFL, NBA and NHL.

That would drop salaries in the four major sports in half, meaning the average NBA salary would dip below $2.6 million — still 6 1/2 times that of the president of the United States.

I think those fellas in long shorts could get by.

• Cut salaries of FBS head football coaches in half — dropping the average to $800,000 — and place the money in a fund to provide players with a small monthly stipend for living expenses.

• Provide a monthly stipend of $300 for FCS and Division I scholarship athletes in the revenue sports — football and men’s basketball.

That’s as far as I go for pay-for-play on the college level.

A four- or five-year scholarship worth between $100,000 and $300,000 is still a pretty good deal for student-athletes.

• Institute training table for college football walk-ons, and provide unlimited training table instead of one meal a day.

• Make the designated hitter standard in both the National and American leagues.

It took me awhile to come around to this, but I’d rather see an extra hitter than a pitcher bat.

• Juice the ball, lower the pitcher’s mound and tighten the strike zone in the major leagues.

The major-league batting average is .251, on pace for the lowest since 1972. The game needs more offense.

• Arrange for Donald Sterling to sell the Los Angeles Clippers and donate the sale price — as much as $2 billion — to charity.

It’s a win-win. Sterling doesn’t need the money, and it would gain a measure of respectability for the most maligned sports figure on the planet right now.

• Schedule a Paul Allen media availability several times a year during the NBA season.

And advise the Trail Blazers’ reclusive owner to invite the media onto his yacht, “Octopus,” for a free summer concert by his band, “The Underthinkers.”

• Make it illegal for a shooter to slap hands with teammates if he misses the first of two foul shots.

If he slaps hands, he doesn’t get the second attempt.

• Put a field-goal attempt on the statistical line of any shooter who refused to take a shot at the end of a quarter because he didn’t want a miss on his stat line.

• Extend high school basketball games from 32 to 40 minutes. They’re over in an eye blink.

• Institute a 30-second shot clock in high school basketball.

• During pregame introductions, prohibit starters from running down to the opposing team’s coach (who usually sends out an assistant, anyway) to shake hands.

It’s a phony gesture of supposed sportsmanship.

• Let hockey fights go a little longer.

• Eliminate “excessive celebration” penalties in football; place greater emphasis on penalties for taunting. There’s a distinction.

• Prohibit any TV viewer watching a golf tournament from contacting a PGA official to report a violation.

• Encourage NBA and college basketball referees to

call players stepping over the line for rebounds before the ball is released on a free-throw attempt.

It happens every play, and refs just let it go on.

If they’d call it, it wouldn’t happen.

• Eliminate floppage, er, stoppage time in soccer and stop the clock whenever action is halted for injury, as is done in every other sport with a time clock.

• Institute a five-minute penalty for a soccer player who flops.

• Cut the number of players named to all-league teams.

When Metro League football names 30 players to its first team, for instance, that waters the honor down considerably.

For basketball, limit it to five players to the first team, five to the second team.

For baseball, eight position players, a DH and two pitchers.

For football, 11 offensive players, 11 defensive players, a punter and a place-kicker.

• For international play, athletes can’t play for countries they weren’t born in or were never citizens of.

Because your parent was born there, or drove through the country once, doesn’t


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