COURTESY: CHRIS PIETSCH/THE REGISTER-GUARD  - Oregon's Jeff Lockie reaches for a fumbled snap during the last overtime drive against TCU in the Alamo Bowl on Saturday at San Antonio, Texas.SAN ANTONIO, Texas — This and that and the other thing from the Alamo Bowl, in which Oregon blew a 31-0 lead and TCU came away with a 47-41, three-overtime, improbable win:

Coach Mark Helfrich says he didn’t consider changing and going with Jeff Lockie taking direct snaps from Doug Brenner — both backup players who had trouble with shotgun snaps — and changing tempo remained on his mind.

“We did not consider the quarterback-under-center part,” he says. “It’s kind of always a double-edged sword about the tempo part. Some of our best things were in tempo if you’re getting first downs; that’s the damned if you do, damned if you don’t kind of a scenario.”

He also says the Ducks had to stick with Lockie and Brenner.

“There wasn’t a ton of options available,” he says. “It was one of those things where we were really close (to scoring). One the play where he puts his knee on the ground (before a pass to Darren Carrington), it’s a touchdown, the game is over."

Statistics bear it out. The Ducks were outscored 163-114 in the third quarter of games, 110-106 in the fourth quarter and 44-37 in overtime. Good teams usually don’t get outscored after halftime in games, especially by 60 points.

“This whole year, especially on the defensive side, it’s been a struggle in the second half to finish games,” DeForest Buckner says.

TCU coach Gary Patterson changed shirts at halftime, going from black to purple. Maybe it’s what triggered the 47 points, 403 yards of offense and 43 defensive yards allowed after halftime.

“I will never wear black again,” he says. “I’m trying to look thinner (by wearing black). You’re not in as good of shape. To heck with that. At least that’s a good excuse.”

He had done the same thing in a game against Iowa State, and the Horned Frogs ended up turning a close game into a rout.

• The 31-point comeback win by TCU tied the bowl record — all bowls considered — for largest rally by a winning team, tying Texas Tech's mark against Minnesota in the 2006 Insight Bowl. Clearly, it sends Oregon into a state of infamy.

Such a loss will not be soon forgotten by anyone who follows the Ducks. Helfrich, coordinators Don Pellum and Matt Lubick, Lockie and everybody else will forever be associated with an epic loss.

"How do you explain any of it? I mean, seriously, how to you explain any of it?" Patterson says.

Charles Nelson said his pivotal fumble on a kickoff return, which resulted in TCU’s second touchdown, making it 31-17, came because of careless ball security.

“I thought that was kind of a changeover,” Patterson says. “Got some momentum.”

TCU quarterback Bram Kohlhausen had thrown fewer career passes than UO’s Jeff Lockie entering the game, but excelled throwing and running and accounting for four touchdowns. It was his first career start.

Twice he left with injuries, playing aggressively, especially on a run with a flip at the end and diving between charging UO defenders.

“This will be one I’ll tell my grandkids (about),” he says. “This is a night I thought would never happen. I dedicate it to Tre (Trevone Boykin, suspended QB). He’s the one who showed me how to play like I did.”

He wore a wristband with Boykin’s initials on it. Boykin was arrested after a bar fight and suspended for the game.

“As sad as it is, anytime I read anything about him, it brings tears to my eyes,” he says, of Boykin. “This one is for him. He’s the one who taught me how to play like this because he’s the most fearless guy on the field.”

Of TCU’s comeback, similar to the Horned Frogs’ comeback (but loss) against Oklahoma, Kohlhausen adds:

“I don’t think anybody walking out of that tunnel in the second half really had a doubt that with their quarterback out, 31 points ... we get something on the board, we get a couple turnovers, defense plays well ... I mean, 31 points was easy.”

• Attendance was 64,569 for the game, about 75 percent of fans being TCU fans.

UO kicker Aidan Schneider kicked the two longest field goals of his career, from 47 and 44 yards — indoors at the Alamodome. He’s now 33 of 36 in his career. His 133 points this year are the most ever by a UO kicker.

TCU’s Aaron Green complemented Kohlhausen with 101 yards on 25 carries and one touchdown, playing in his hometown of San Antonio.

Royce Freeman, who had 130 yards and three TDs on 26 carries, finished with 1,836 rushing yards to set the UO single-season record (LaMichael James, 1,805 in 2011). He had more than 100 yards from scrimmage in every game, the only player in the country to achieve the feat.

• Darren Carrington had seven receptions for 107 yards and a TD. It marked the first time in 17 games that Oregon failed to win when Carrington made at least one catch.

Oregon (9-4) saw its streak of 10-win seasons end at seven.

DeForest Buckner finished with 18 career sacks, notching a sack against TCU. And, a career highlight for him happened in the first half, when he picked up a blocked Ian Wheeler punt and rambled for the first down. Next stop: first round of NFL draft, probably.

Injured players Byron Marshall, Pharaoh Brown and Christian French were all suited up in warmups; none of them played.

• Carrington apparently will return for his fourth year at Oregon, but what about fellow receiver Bralon Addison returning for his fifth year? Neither were available for post-game interviews.

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