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Portland begins going to the dogs on this day in 1933

May 16-17, 1933PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP: JOSH KULLA - Greyhounds make it a photo finish at the now-defunct Multnomah Kennel Club in Fairview.

Portland gets its first glimpse of greyhound racing, as more than 300 dogs run in qualification trials at Multnomah Stadium. The gates are locked, but several hundred curious spectators manage to gain entry and reportedly appeared fascinated to see the greyhounds chase an electric rabbit. Fawn Warrior posts the fastest time, covering close to a quarter-mile in 25.2 seconds, near world-record speed. The electrician who controls the pace of the mechanical hare sits in the KGW broadcasting statation atop the stadium and works control levers that gauge the speed of the dummy rabbit. The first racing meet of the Multnomah Kennel Club is set to begin May 25.

• Cliff Torgerson places second in the Portland Homing Pigeon Club race from Umatilla to Portland. Average speed: 529 yards per minute.

• Col. Bill Hayward is to be honored this week at a Eugene Hotel banquet as he starts his 30th year as coach of the University of Oregon track and field team. More than 500 people are slated to attend.

• Portland Interscholastic League baseball standings: Roosevelt 5-1, Benson 5-2, Commerce 4-2, Lincoln 4-2, Washington 3-3, Franklin 2-3, Grant 1-5, Jefferson 1-6.

• The Portland Casting Club stages an old-timers tournament at the Sellwood casting pool.